Pure Petfood review: Terrific Turkey

I’m going to start with the big problem about this food. You’ll know if you’ve ever added a bit of warm water to your dogs food, their noses will go crazy as the heat releases the smell. Well, adding warm water to Pure Petfood Terrific Turkey, drives my dog CRAZY.

The whining, oh the whining. He’s a whiner at the best of times for no apparent reason, but the ten minute wait for this dehydrated dog food, to rehydrate? Pure torture, apparently. You’d think I’d thrown away his favourite squirrel shaped chew toy that never leaves his side (that incidentally also makes a racquet with it’s annoying squeaker) But no. All I’m doing is enriching his life and det with human grade dog food and he can’t wait for it to be ready. He gave exactly the same reaction the first time around when we tested the chicken version.

Here’s how easy it is to prepare. Measure out your scoops. Add warm water. Give it ten mins to hydrate. Note the beady eyes and wet nose at kitchen worktop height…


Then serve…

Gone @pure_pet_food

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I’m sure you’ll agree, whining for ten minutes is a whole lot better than presenting your dog with food he turns his nose up at. That’s why we’re big fans of Pure Petfood.

To make your order visit: purepetfood.co.uk

Use code ” TRIAL” and recieve 20% off a 500g box.

PETA joins forces with world’s first challenge-based app, FightMe, to launch online anti-fur protest

Following its hugely successful ‘Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ campaign showing millions the cruel truth behind fur, PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organisation is today partnering with FightMe to launch its latest initiative on the war against fur.

  • Well known for its bold campaigns, the charity has enlisted the help of the world’s first challenge-based app, FightMe, to launch a thought-provoking video challenge calling for people to make a stand and spread its anti-fur message.
  • The first-of-its-kind online video protest will be kick-started by hard-core vegan and well known free-runner, Tim Shieff, who is seen plunging himself into a freezing cold reservoir, demonstrating the lengths he’s willing to go to for animal rights.
  • Participants will then be tasked with uploading a video of themselves showing what they’d rather wear, or do, than adorn fur.
  • The app’s social integration with Facebook and Twitter also means that anyone anywhere can join the challenge and nominate others into the protest directly.

FightMe encourages creative and passionate individuals to start a movement and join a cause, and the PETA partnership is the perfect platform to demonstrate its functionality.  Through a quick and simple smartphone app, FightMe makes capturing and sharing video fast, easy and relevant. Users have thirty seconds to create a video about whatever they want and can either start their own video challenge or join in one that is already live, like PETA’s latest anti-fur protest.  Through FightMe’s unique nomination feature, users are also prompted to take their challenge to the wider network of friends and followers through social profiles, SMS, Whatsapp or within FightMe directly.

Elisa Allen, Manager of Special Projects at PETA UK commented:

“Every fur coat and every bit of fur trim is the result of tremendous animal suffering – and takes away a life. Our goal is always to get this issue out there so that it can be considered and discussed, which will hopefully inspire change, and we’re excited to use FightMe to do just that.”

Jamie Lorenz, Founder of FightMe commented:

 “Millions of animals die every year as a result of the fur trade so working with PETA to create an impactful campaign that is a starting piston for a global movement that will change attitudes was a dream come true. Built on harnessing social power, FightMe focuses on ‘real’ social interaction online by creating a friendly environment for people to ‘join -in’, giving purpose and context to each and every video. Strength comes in numbers and the support of others participating in a challenge gives freedom of expression away from judgment.”

Tim Shieff, animal rights supporter commented:

 “For me, it’s not just about educating and informing people about animal cruelty, it’s about empowering them to join the fight against real fur and the maltreatment of animals. I’m working with PETA and FightMe to help kick-start a global protest that not only aims to change the way people view animal cruelty, but their behaviour too. Hopefully this campaign will mean the difference between life and death for countless animals.”

£20,000 for a dog kennel?

Yep, I really did mean to add that many zero’s. Samsung Electronics have provided a tantalising glimpse of the future for tech-savvy pampered pooches by unveiling an architect-designed Dream Doghouse which represents the ultimate in canine luxury, worth £20,000.

The kennel took a team of 12 designers and fabricators two weeks to design and over four weeks to construct and was commissioned to celebrate Samsung’s sponsorship of the world’s largest dog show, Crufts 2015. The futuristic structure was inspired by the growing trend to merge technology and pet-care.

The Samsung Dream Doghouse will be on display at the Samsung stand at this year’s Crufts, which runs from Thursday 5th March at the NEC in Birmingham.

The proto-type indoor kennel consists of two areas; one for rest and relaxation, the other for dining and entertainment, as well as an outside astro-turfed leisure area. Samsung research of 1,500 dog owners found that 64% believe their dogs would benefit from more technology and gadgets, with a quarter (24%) admitting they would like their dog to have treadmill, and a similar number (24%) a TV or tablet. A further 18% said that they would like their dog to have a hot-tub or spa while 22% found the idea of a dog operated feeder the most appealing. Utilising these findings, the Samsung Dream Doghouse was created and includes the following features:

The back kennel:
· A fully padded sleeping area in gun-metal grey fabric with dog-proof leather button detailing
· Luxurious bone design pillows
· A brand new wall mounted Tab S for all of that essential doggy viewing, interaction, and two-way communication with their human counterparts
· A push-to-woof call bell in order to summon the attention of their owner
· Fully fire retardant material

The front kennel:
· Clear polycarbonate frontage to allow for full room views and owner interaction
· A vibrant vermilion, fire retardant, carpeted interior
· Bespoke wallpaper featuring designer paw and dog bone print
· Framed portraits of friends and pooch pin-ups, including a dog’s ultimate pin-up; Best in Show winner of Crufts 2014
· Modern design sky light which doubles up as ceiling access for those athletic types
· A dog operated snack dispenser so your pup will never be in want of a treat again

And as if that wasn’t enough, this pup pleasure dome has even more to offer the discerning hound, with an in-built doggy treadmill to keep them trim (and work off all those self-dispensed snacks), as well as a hot-tub spa for some well-earned rest and relaxation after a long day of tail wagging. And with 21% of dog owners admitting that a bespoke canine treadmill would be their most desired gadget for their pet, it’s a win for both dog and owner!


The study also showed that this high-tech lifestyle may not be so far off, with a quarter (24%) of owners admitting to having made a social media profile for their dog. And if updates aren’t being shared on a tailor-made pet-profile, then they will be on their owners’ own social media pages, with research showing nearly half of dog owners regularly post pictures of their dogs online. A further four in ten (40%) owners have left the TV on whilst they are out of the house to keep their dog company, whilst a quarter (26%) use the TV to block out noises that may scare their precious pup, such as thunder or fireworks. Some owners even go so far as to video call their dogs when they’re away, with 14% admitting to having done this. And when back in the comfort of their home, 31% admit they like to curl up in front of a movie with their favourite pooch!

The findings also revealed that pampered pooches really do rule the roost in British households; being considered as a fully-fledged member of the family (85%), influencing important life decisions such as where they live or what job they have (53%), and even enjoying the same meals as their human counterparts (41%). It also revealed that over half (56%) of owners would mourn the death of their dog more than an extended family member such as an aunt, uncle or even a grandparent!

Doberman vs. Strong Stuff ‘Tough Guy’ Toy

I asked Felix and Fido to send me the strongest toy they had and they rose to the challenge with admirable optimism.

I’m still yet to find a toy that survives Lupo the picker, apart from a Kong so when we received the promising looking Strong Stuff Tough Guy toy, ‘tested by British Bulldogs’, I wanted it to survive, I really did. But a Bulldogs jaws aren’t a patch on a Dobermann. If toy companies truly want to test their indestructible toys, might I suggest re-thinking the breed of your focus group.

dog toy review, dobermann, velcro dog

So we put the Strong Stuff Tough Guy in the ring with a 45 pound Dobermann. Here’s how he got on.

Rest in Peace Tough Guy. Not since the wedding scene in Game of Thrones has anyone met their fate so quickly and gruesomely. You lasted approximately 2 minutes before your innards were strewn across the floor in a Taratino style massacre. Lupo spent the rest of the evening picking apart the rope handle, seeking out the squeaker (beneath ‘two layers of protection’, no less) and throwing it across the room, mocking his opponent. The stuffing became handy to rest his tired head, at least.

If you want a toy that will last for your Bulldog, or any other dog apart from a Dobermann, click here to visit Felix and Fidos fab shop. Doberman owners may have to join me on the continuous search for toys that last longer than an episode of Eastenders.


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Do’s & Don’ts of a Dog Friendly Holiday: Ox Pasture Hall

When offered the chance to stay in a pet friendly hotel I didn’t hesitate. It was only afterwards I realised we hadn’t shared a room with Lupo since he was a puppy. Did you know dogs have much shorter sleep cycles than we do? They don’t go into as deep as sleep either. When we had a new born baby I could hear Lupo getting up in the middle of the night, rearranging the sofa cushions and lying back down, quite often. He came on our honeymoon with us, to a log cabin in Wales, but stayed in the living room, so this trip would be a first for all of us.

Here’s what we packed for Lupo:
  • Two large towels – I use old beach towels, one to put underneath his food and water bowl, the other for drying wet paws
  • Blankets – for sleeping on or sucking (a Dobermann habit)
  • Foldable water bowl – I took this one, as it’s handy for in the car as well as the room
  • Lead and Halti – If your dog has a tag with just your home landline on, make sure you take one with your mobile number, in case he goes missing
  • Enough food for the night, bowl and fork – no need to lug the whole bag, measure it out before you go
  • Treats – to keep them close by on your walks in strange places
  • GoPro Camera and dog harness
Nervousness of the lack of sleep even without a toddler in tow, aside, we set off to Ox Pasture Hall, near Scarborough in North Yorkshire, on a chilly February weekend. The hotel looked lovely, nestled in the valley and on the edge of the national park.
ox pasture hall, velcrodog
Do let your dog relive himself before entering a boutique hotel, after a 2.5 hour car journey. You do not want that kind of accident to be your first impression.
ox pasture hall, velcrodog
Don’t forget to give you dog time to explore his surroundings. Lupo is not the most chilled out dog, his guarding nature makes him on edge until he gets a feel for the place. So once we were shown to our room by Lynsey on reception, Lupo made his way around every inch. The suite we were staying in had a large open plan living area and bedroom, and a separate bathroom.
ox pasture hall, velcrodog
Do still appreciate the view, it’s not all about the dog you know.
Do leave the comfort of the hotel grounds and explore. Once settle, we headed off down the road to walk in the woods as the sun was setting. Lupo captured his journey on a GoPro camera, the video of which I’ll be sharing soon.
IMG_0560 IMG_0527
Don’t leave it so late that the moon is nearly out by the time you get back. But, the hotel looked very picturesque. You’ll also like to know that the hotel offer the use of an outside hose if you want to wash any muddy paws before heading back to your room.
Do try and get a better photo of the sunset than this, I challenge you! This was the same view from our bedroom window. Gorgeous.
Don’t forget to take some me-time. Whilst the boys watched TV/ snuggled with their blanket (you decide who’s who!), I enjoyed this HUGE bath with waterfall tap. There is also very little phone signal or wifi, so I lay in silence for the first time since I can’t even remember. Bliss.
Do make sure you dog feels right at home, with those chin scratches he enjoys.
Do make full use of the pet friendly policy by heading to the lounge before dinner. We browsed the menu over a glass of wine and Lupo enjoyed staring at us. Not creepy at all.
IMG_1832Ahh, he loves me.
Don’t miss out on amazing food just because you have a dog, thats what I loved about this place. I feared there was going to be a separate menu for the Bistro restaurant we were in, but turns out we got the same choice as everyone else. I don’t know what I expected from a pet friendly hotel, but it certainly wasn’t the high standard of food we got served. The service was great too, one particular waiter gave Lupo lots of fuss.
IMG_1838 IMG_1842
Do remember a Dobermann is the perfect height for the table. Keep wine glasses and food out of reach.
But do let him have a taste of the high life. Mushroom soup, tasty.

So you’ll be wondering if I got a restful nights sleep after all? Well I was full of cold so that didn’t help, but the bed was really comfy. It’s rare I say that as we have a memory foam bed at home that is pretty hard to beat in even 5 star hotels, but Ox Pasture Hall came pretty close. Lupo moved around a bit in the night, but maybe it’s because I kept waking too. He’s lucky I won’t blame him this time.

The next morning, we headed back to the restaurant for a full English breakfast. Top notch again on the food front. It was nice to eat a hotel breakfast without a hangover for once, our other stays always seem to be for weddings or nights out! Lupo got some sausage and bacon I reluctantly gave up.

Even the tomato was declaring it’s love.
I think his face says it all. All too soon it was time to pack up and head home.
IMG_0563Thank you to the team at Ox Pasture hotel for a wonderful stay. I’d highly recommend a stay if you can’t bear to leave your pooch at home. Read more about them on their website here: www.oxpasturehallhotel.com
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Taking Care of Your Puppy

Pups are furry four legged pals that need proper care from the time they are born all the way into their elderly years. Not taking care of your puppy properly could lead to behavioral issues as well as health issues. To help make sure you are taking care of your puppy properly, the ten tips in the guide below should help.

Aprox 1/10 of his full grown size here

(Photo: Lupo at 7 weeks old)

#1 Regular Vet Visits

From the time a pup is born until the end of its life, it needs to have regular vet visits. Vet visits will provide insight on just how well a pup is doing physically and mentally. It can also help determine any health issues needing proper care and treatment. Bringing stool samples to the vet during each visit for testing to make sure worms and other potential parasites are not invading the dog’s digestive system causing issues.  A veterinarian, to help keep the dog as healthy as possible, will also administer proper vaccines.

#2 Vaccinations 

Vaccinations are important to all pup’s health because they help keep their immune systems healthy. Some of the most important vaccines a dog should receive each year are canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies. These vaccines are necessary from the age of eight weeks and up.

#3 Deworming 

Anytime worms are a possibility in a dog, it is important to visit the vet for proper deworming treatment. Failure to due so will put the dog’s health at risk and causes severe digestive issues.

#4 Diet & Nutrition 

Finding dogs a proper diet that consist of dry and wet food are essential for keeping dogs healthy and strong. However, it is wise to portion a pup’s food out properly as directed by a veterinarian to ensure the pup does not become overweight or develop diabetes. It is also wise to stick to feeding dogs organic pet food brands that ensure they are receiving the necessary nutrients and protein to stay energized and active for a healthier lifestyle.

#5 Socialization & Engagement 

To help a pup with socialization with other humans and other animals it is wise to take it to doggie training school for lessons on how to behave and engage with other beings properly. Playing with the pup often and providing lots of love and care helps develop the pup’s skills and a proper temperament.

#6 Bathroom Training 

As soon as a puppy is brought home, bathroom training is necessary. It must learn where to go to the bathroom and where not to go. Laying newspaper down around the house can teach the pup proper places to find relief, but taking the pup outside as soon as the pup lifts a leg or squats is the best option so it does not become confused on where too properly go.

#7 Grooming & Bathing 

Grooming and bathing are essential for keeping fur coats and skin looking healthy and vibrant. This should also include regular tick and flea treatments, nail trimmings and haircuts monthly done by the owner or a trained groomer.

#8 Lots of Exercise 

All dogs need to be walked and played with outdoors for proper exercise daily. There is no excuse not to be doing this regularly. It’s important to the dog’s overall health.

#9 Plenty of Rest 

Developing a regular sleeping schedule with the pet will ensure it gets the proper amount of rest necessary to stay healthy and strong.

#10 Lots of Tender Love and Care

Most importantly, all four legged friends need tender love and care often to live long happy lives. For more helpful information on taking care of your puppy properly visit Browns Dog Food.