Welcome to Velcro Dog

You may have arrived here through my shameless self promotion through social networks of mine or you’ll be my Mum. Either way, thanks for popping along and I hope you’ll find something of interest to you and your dog.

I work for an online marketing agency in Yorkshire and spotted a bit of a gap in the blogging market for a British based, informative, yet hopefully not entirely serious take on all things surrounding dog ownership. With 7.3 million dogs in the UK, there’s got to be one other owner who fancies reading this blog, right?

‘Top pet blog’ lists I’ve seen were mainly made up of pet insurance, professional dog trainers or charity blogs. Which are often a good read, but they’ll always be centered around one particular company or cause and are never written by just one normal dog owner you can get to know.

Whether you’re a life long dog lover, or thinking of adding one to your family, I’m aiming to give a warts and all insight into owning a dog. You’ll find reviews of products we’ve bought, which I promise NEVER to write in the ‘voice’ of my dog. Apologies if anyone finds this endearing.

I will be sharing everything from buying a dog – how do you choose from ten cuddly bundles of joy? Finding the perfect dog walker you can trust (who your dog will probably love more than you) and finally tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the past few years, which will hopefully help you save a bit of money and time in the long run. I’ve had a bit of luck with winning the odd competition using dog photos, so I’ll be sure to reveal my secrets too. i.e. step one: get a ridiculously cute dog to sit still for 30 seconds for photographs.

Thanks for reading and if you’d like me to discuss anything you need help with, please comment or pop me an email through the contact page.

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