Linky King Buckle Collar Review

Before we brought Lupo home, we took a trip to Crufts in Birmingham to do a spot of shopping. The main thing we needed was a collar and lead, the rest were frivolous purchases that lasted a few hours before being chewed, lost, broken or dropped in mud never to be retrieved.

When faced with row upon row of collars and leads the best thing to do is choose your favourite colour and hone in on that. Now you’ll see a bit of an Italian theme running through this blog, the dogs name and now the brand of collar we choose hails from Italy. What can I say, Italians have good taste. (One lives with me so it must be true). The Linky Elegance King Buckle Collar has been Lupo’s collar since he was about 6 months old. It’s adjustable so could grow with him, has a metal buckle, not plastic, so won’t snap when the neighbours cat darts in front of you.

The blue has stayed pretty clean and washes well so that’s a bonus. Plus for the fashion conscious, it comes with a matching lead. My Dad once commented that he was glad we didn’t dress him in a big leather collar with Staffy esque spikes, as the blue collar makes him look friendlier and I’d have to agree. Here he is matching a blue cider bottle with his collar. Stay classy Lupo.

When a puppy is 8 weeks old it will need little more than a soft puppy collar, so it gets used to wearing one and can be trained on the lead in the garden. We then had to buy a size up as his neck seemed to grow at an alarming rate. By 6 months he was big enough to accomodate the Linky collar, bear in mind it’s pretty heavy with the metal fasteners so make sure you get the right size for your dog.

What collar does your dog have, would you recommend it?

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