Which destroyer is your dog?

Let me warn you now, until you learn what kind of destroyer your dog is – no, not an evil mastermind cartoon character, more of how your dog has the most fun possible with whatever you give him. You will waste a lot of money bringing home amazing looking toys that your dog will obliterate faster than a fillet steak in his dinner bowl. Here are the main types all dogs should fall into, which should help you decide which toys to buy:


These dogs, no matter what their size, will use their razor sharp front teeth to pick holes – in carpets, socks, blankets and so called strong fabric toys. Yes Lupo is mainly a picker and this Ruff and Tuff toy broke the record in our house, lasting no longer than 30 seconds out of the packaging.


Not your Uncle on the dancefloor at a wedding, think those dogs who put toys to the back of their mouths, on the equally powerful molar teeth and literally grind toys into dust before your eyes. Grinders need balls too big to fit in their mouth and a nice big cow bone from the butcher and they’re sorted.


Not to be housed with glass furniture, expensive TV’s or white walled properties, chuckers are dogs that love to throw things in the air, smashing anything in their path all in the name of fun. I’d stick with rubber toys if you have a chucker, lessens the damage. I had a golden retriever who was a chucker, unfortuntely it was with Hedgehogs. Wasn’t pretty.


Usually reserved for the greedy breeds – Labradors take the trophy, closely followed by Spaniels, these dogs innocently chew away, until you turn your back and find they have promptly swallowed whatever they were munching, whether it’s edible or not. I’ve heard of stones, bones, balls and even a whole chicken with the foil covering, all going down the hatch. Pet insurance is vital for Gulper owners!

Which kind of detstroyer is your dog?

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