Which? Watchdog Competition

Last month I found myself talking live on air with BBC Radio Leeds about my dog, thinking “I used to be cool, what am I doing”. I came to this pivotal point through entering a competition on the Which? Facebook page. It was a simple ‘send us a photo and you’ll win some stuff’ type affair, along with the kudos of your dog becoming the face of their latest campaign for a financial watchdog.

So off I popped to compose an email with my best shots and attempt some witty prose about Lupo. You had to pitch your dog as the perfect ‘Watchdog not Lapdog‘ and I thought owning a Doberman was a bit of a head start. Here’s my entry:

I’d like to nominate my Dobermann, Lupo, for Financial Watchdog. He’s 2 years old this year, born on April 1st, but don’t let that fool you. As you can see from his photos he is very striking. Dobermanns are known for being ‘velcro dogs’, and Lupo is no exception. He’s happiest when he is by your side or sat on your lap (bear in mind he weighs 6 stone!)

He’s definitely not afraid to bark or show teeth, though he only does the latter when he greets us in the morning with a big grin! His very long nose makes him a sniffing machine and his natural guarding instincts means he always puts himself in between you and any danger. He can pose with the best of them and is so friendly to both people and other dogs, I’d hope you agree he’d make the perfect Watchdog.

One of my photos was chosen from 200 entries and then put to a public vote on Facebook. After two weeks of canvassing, radio appearances and begrudgingly sending an All@ email to my entire office of 80 people, we were robbed by a Hungarian Visla named Milo, (whose owner wrote a CV for the dog as an entry, serious business this competition malarkey) But as with all these things, it was for fun and we got our names in the paper.

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