RSPCA Puppy Information Pack

This week I was contacted by the Online Community Manager for the RSPCA. After thinking ‘what a cool job’, I read with interest the information on their newly launched Puppy Information Pack, launched in association with the BVA Animal Welfare Foundation.

We bought Lupo from a pedigree dog breeder so we haven’t had much contact with the RSPCA – they have strict rules about how long a dog should be left during the day, which we simply couldn’t meet in order to take a dog home. Which is a shame, but a whole other post on that matter.

So about this new information pack. It’s very comprehensive, containing lots of the questions such as health, history and details of the puppy you are buying, that we asked in our initial chats and meetings with the breeder. There’s a contract both parties can sign to ensure everyone agrees and is happy with giving a puppy the best new home it deserves.

When we bought Lupo, we were lucky to have found a great breeder who provided her own version of this. She gave us feeding, exercise, do’s and don’ts advice, as well as all the necessary Kennel Club certificates. Lupo came with 6 weeks insurance cover and enough food for the first few days, which helps a dog settle should you change the food brand.

Most importantly, and look out for this from your breeder, she said if we ever have to give him up for whatever reason, the dog should always be returned to her to find a new home. If you are going down the Pedigree dog route, this is a sure sign of a good breeder. They should always have the dog’s health and happiness at the forefront of everything they do, and should not diminish all responsibility when the pup leaves their home.

More information and a downloadable copy of the RSPCA Puppy Information Pack and contract is available from: I’d recommend you check it out. Let’s hope it makes owners and breeders think twice before a puppy changes hands. If a breeder cannot answer some of these questions, ask yourself why and don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.

Thanks to Helen at the RSPCA for sharing this information, you can chat to her on Twitter here @HelenRSPCA

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