Website Review: VetUK

Ever since ASOS was known as As Seen on Screen, and I bought my first CD from Amazon (Stereophonics album, not as embarrassing as it could have been), I have been shopping online to get the best deals and items you can’t find on the high street. So when it came to owning a dog, naturally I hunted down the best sites for food, toys and medication. I’m going to share these in a series of posts, which I hope you find useful.

I started my search on one of my favourite sites, Money Saving Expert. They have a pet section on their forum, which is full of website recommendations from pet owners looking to save a bit of dosh. I’m more of a lurker on there, as there are some pretty opinionated people and professional dog trainers who are quick to judge your decisions should you choose to share them. The best one I saw was one person who thought it hideous that owners said ‘No’ to their dogs, as she didn’t believe in it. I moved on pretty quick.

It was on there that someone recommended VetUK. They are based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, so I was pleased to be able to support a regional business, but what stands out the most is their prices. I’ll be honest, I’m not loyal when it comes to buying regular dog food, and neither should you be. Sites change their prices all the time, so it’s worth doing some serious Googling when you are looking to stock up. But recently I’ve come back to VetUK for food and wormer. Their delivery is quick, usually no more than three days, and they use DPD couriers, should you not be home it’s worth checking where your nearest depot is for pick up.

The site itself isn’t the prettiest, but I’d rather a less shiny website and low prices. They always have some great offers, including 10% off codes, free delivery on orders over £19 and the chance to rack up Vetpoints, a bit like a Boots card. The best bit is they offer prescriptions, so should your dog ever need anything on your Vet’s advice, don’t buy it from your Vet at an over inflated price, use the prescription and find it on this site. Luckily I haven’t had to do this with Lupo yet, but it’s a service that their customers rave about for saving them money.

The team at VetUK have developed a Vet Locator App, which is free to download from the App store and will use your position to pin point the nearest Vet surgery. I think this is a fab idea, especially if you enjoy taking your dog on holiday, should the worst happen.

If you’re reading this blog, you are probably the type of person that likes to read customer reviews on products before buying. So if you don’t want to take just my word for it, check out the 1500 testimonials. The site stocks all the major brands of dog food and I was particularly impressed to see they’ve developed their own, cost-effective dog food, which has a high protein content of 24%. Our chosen food, Pro Plan Athletic has 28% at twice the price, so they’ve done well.

If you like to be kept up to date with news and offers, I recommend you like their Facebook page. They have over 8,000 Likes, but 500 people talking about them. *online marketing hat on* Always check the engagement statistic, it’s the most important bit and lets you know how popular they really are. *online marketing hat off*. Finally, sign up to their newsletter and you may just win a £100 voucher, it’s worth a shot.

Have you shopped with VetUK or are you now tempted?

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