Blanket sucking and the cushion that didn’t get away

When I wrote a few weeks ago here about which dog bed we’ve opted for, the pet product fairy – if there is or should be such a thing I’m a believer, was looking down on me. My wishes for some new additions for Lupo came true, in the form of winning £100 to spend on the fabulous site.

After perusing the site and getting the tape measure out to see how big things are (120 x 70 means NOTHING to me, you should see me trying to parallel park to gauge my spacial awareness) I opted for some lovely new blankets to fill our rather traditional plastic dog bed. The site is really easy to use, straight to the Dog blankets section, I added a red, beige and blue version of these dog blankets to my basket. As you can see, they went down pretty well.

I have to say, I was really impressed. Delivery was super fast in just a few days and they are fantastic quality, very thick pile, strong seams and have lasted without a thread out-of-place for over a week now, which is a record in our house. They can be easily bunged in the washing machine, but in the mean time they don’t get look too grubby due to the pattern, a bit like a well-chosen Hotel carpet. Not like the black and white slanket that succumbed to the dog and his jowls. Blegh.

With a bit of cash left over, I found a more practical bed solution that we can use in the car, instead of the spare duvet we have been using – which now stinks after many wet walks in the Dales. If you stay at our house  I won’t be re-using it on a bed, we aren’t THAT dog mad, promise. Click here to see the waterproof cushion bed we went for, and I’m pleased to say my skills with a tape measure have come up trumps again as it fits perfectly in the boot of our car. Result.

So if you have a dog that loves blankets more than life itself – no really, he sucks them like a child. It’s a typical Dobermann trait apparently, it’s the first thing he does when we get home after greeting us, he will drag a blankets through the house and settle down to get into the zone, whilst literally purring. Yes, purring like a, shushh whisper this bit… C.A.T.

I’d recommend a visit to Keep an eye out on their blog and Twitter account here for more great competitions or if you’re in the market for a new dog bed for spring, treat your pooch, I’m sure he’ll be grateful. But I can’t promise any amount of new purchases, however nice and covered in obvious paw prints, will keep him off the nice cushions your Mum buys you for Christmas. Sorry Mum.

Any cushion protecting tips or should we just all accept we will never live in a show home with any dog around?

7 thoughts on “Blanket sucking and the cushion that didn’t get away

    1. Thanks Sheila! You’ll know more than most the traits that make us fall in love with the breed! The noises he makes crack us up especially. His vocal range goes way beyond barking! Thanks for reading x


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