Time for Walkiees

Walking your usual dog walk can get tiresome, for both you and your dog. So if you’ve noticed your dog knowing the route better than you, it’s time for a bit of adventure. I’ve found a website that will give you some inspiration.

Over the past two years we’ve been working our way through the Yorkshire Water website, finding reservoirs close to home that will weil away a sunday afternoon in the fresh air. We’ve visited parks, rivers and lakes recommended through various other tourism sites, but there is definitely a gap in the market for a walking destination resource, written by dog owners themselves.

I came across Walkiees on Twitter and what a great looking site. Just sign up using the easy to fill in form and you’re ready to read and add your own dog walks. A word of warning, when you see some of the gorgeous views hundreds of miles from your own county, you may find yourself on Rightmove planning your escape to these wonderous places.

I added my favourite dog walk destination which you can read here, Fraisthorpe beach in East Yorkshire. While it’s no picturesque Norfolk beach and hasn’t featured in any Hollywood films, I love it all the same. I first went with my Horse in the winter, galloping across the sands and paddling in the sea is a great memory for me, but one such trip I won’t forget. Fraisthorpe beach used to be a nudist beach. You’d think this pastime would be reserved for warmer temperatures, but apparently not. I once happened to witness a gentleman feeling the full force of the sea breeze, but thankfully haven’t seen anything like it since!

So, don’t let that put you off by all means, have a gander of my recommended walk on Walkiees and browse the other recommendations. You can see the facilities of each destination using symbols for things like toilet facilities or picnic spots, which is really handy if you’ve ever found yourself disappointed with a walk in the past. Getting a first hand review from someone who regularly walks the walk (it’s taken me 300 words until I got that phrase in) is priceless, so I’d recommend you have a read and get adding walks of your own.

The best bit? Right now Walkiees will donate £1 to Dogs Trust for every walk submitted to their site. So you’ll be doing your bit for all those dogs who aren’t so lucky to be packed into the car with their family, for exciting weekend adventures. To me, that’s more than enough reason to sign up and get sharing.

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