Dogstagram – Sharing photos of your dog

It may sound like the latest way to transport your dog in the post, but it is in fact a hashtag used on the photo sharing App, Instagram. Let me explain why you need to know all about it.

If you’ve not heard of Instagram, quite frankly where have you been and how rubbish must your photos look without it? It’s a simple and free app that lets you play around with filters to change the appearance of your phone pics, but it’s also developed into a nice little community. Literally bringing the world together to ooh and ahh over fluffy kittens, sunsets and what people eat for dinner. Also the matter of much discussion surrounding the quality of photo subjects, a comedy Twitter account has been set up for this very reason, have a read here.

Now like most social networks, it didn’t take long for niche’s to develop and dog owners can be a part of these communities using some simple hashtags. Once you’re done going crazy with the filters, soft focus and frames, you get the opportunity to caption your photo. Choose your words but then add a hashtag to ensure your photo is seen by people searching for similar photos, such as #doberman #dogs #ilovemydog #dogstagram. Have a search, see what others are using and get tagging. You’ll find other dog owners will like and comment on your photos and you should do the same.

After Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, you’d think there wouldn’t be any more hours in the day for another social network, but you’d be wrong my friend. Check out my top recommended follows on Instagram and you’ll be burning your toast and the dog will go hungry as you try to figure out how your next shot will be just as perfect as these guys.

1. Rogue_Draven – Two very playful Rhodesian Ridgebacks based in Scotland.

2. DobeDakoda – A ten month old Doberman, based in California, poses by the pool.

3. Keith_Nakita – a Shiba Inu owner with some hilariously cute photos. Check out this grin.

4. Handsomemike – The funniest captions accompany photos of two active German Shepherds.

In my experience, getting a good shot of your dog takes pure luck and a lot of patience, plenty of people have much more skill than I do. I’m no David Bailey, but through sheer volume of photos and knowing how to position against a background, I think I’ve done ok so far…

If you too become Instagram mad, you’ll like this tutorial from Girl Does Geek, where you can learn how to create a cover photo for Facebook, using your Instagram photos. All aboard the bandwagon and get snapping!

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