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If Ikea were to branch out into the pet care supplies business, it would look like This site sells thousands of products, many of which your pet would live a happy life without, but that won’t stop you as an owner getting sucked in to purchasing.

I’ve been using this site a few years now and had no issues whatsoever, until I decided to write this blog post (typical). I made a few orders recently and there were some problems with items being out of stock. I received those really annoying template answer emails from their customer services department when trying to sort it out. Little tip, if there’s a human sending the email to me, spare two minutes to write like a human not a robot. Thankfully the Zooplus team recognised this and sorted it all out efficiently, and that’s what counts.

The site is very easy to navigate, so many categories can be a bit over whelming, but with the choice available just use the search function to narrow it down. You can set up an account with them, earn Zooplus points as you shop and get 5% discount off your first order for signing up to their email here. Free delivery on orders over £19, means you can justify that extra toy or treat without too much guilt.

Zooplus are a German company, so don’t be surprised if some of your items come in a packaging featuring a different language. I’m guessing that’s why they can offer such great prices. I still have ‘Welpen Shampoo’ from when Lupo was a puppy and you can be reassured it’s no different, so don’t let that put you off.

So, as fashion bloggers would say, here’s my latest haul. £50 worth of treats, tools and accessories.

Some new nail clippers with a safety catch – we’ve been using the same ones for the rabbits on the dog, so we needed some with more strength!

One of those super absorbent towels like something you’d see on a JML advert, but do you know what, they really do work at drying faster. Who knew?

Various treats and bones for training and rewarding – the fish ones come in seahorse, shark and fish shapes. The dog couldn’t care less but I thought they were pretty cool.

Last but not least, Kong have produced a bone in the same super strength rubber as the XL Classic Kong. Hurrah, I rejoice, a bone that lasts more than a few hours and the dog likes to chew! This is a major breakthrough. I’m hoping Kong have lots more ideas in the pipeline like this, as at around a tenner, it’s much more affordable that their closest match, Nylabone.

You can see the Kong bone went down well.

Have you used Zooplus before, what were your experiences shopping with them?

*I won the £50 Zooplus voucher in a competition run by Walkiees.

4 thoughts on “Website Review:

  1. I’m glad you found them to be a good firm. I’ve ordered once and never again. Wrong description of goods, dreadful customer services and just to top it off, you can’t leave feedback with only one star. Fortunately I paid through paypal and started a dispute via them. Zooplus at least refunded what I’d been cheated out of.


    1. That’s a shame, good to hear your experience though Jayne. I understand big companies are going to make mistakes, but it’s easy to forgive if they are resolved properly. Sounds like you had the same customer service issues I had. Glad you got a refund. Do you recommend any other sites? Always looking to add to my bookmarks!


  2. I received damaged bag of dog food , I got in touch within a half an hour asking for an exchange and for damaged one to be taken away, 2 days later they asked for photo so I emailed it, no reply emailed again, they said they got no photo so this time I emailed again and also uploaded the image, they offered £12 discount which I refused as I explained I didn’t know how long it was opened, heard nothing since, so had to put in claim with Paypal , I keep emailing them to ask them to take away old food as they have it in their terms and conditions that they collect stuff that is too awkward to post, and they refuse to answer, I am now going to have to pay excess weight charges on my bin unless I pay for acourier service to ship it back and hope for quick refund, which I doubt with their customer service, they may be quick and cheap but first sign of trouble they dont want to know, beware of buying large items


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