A review of MedicAnimal.com

When you decide to fork out for specialist dog food, which can’t easily be found on the high street, mild panic can set in when the bag of dog food contains just a few meals worth left. I probably should set up some sort of reminder on the 50 gadgets dotted around the house, but with a dog who sometimes misses a meal if he’d rather sleep on our bed all day, no two months are never the same.

I always do some serious Googling when it comes to re-purchasing dog food. So many sites have offers on, you should take advantage of and that’s exactly how I came across MedicAnimal.com. Claiming to be ‘one of Europe’s largest and most trusted online retailers of veterinary products and pet care supplies’, the site is very comprehensive for dog, cat and small animal products.

I found my usual dog food, Pro Plan Adult Athletic on offer for with the promise of a ‘free dog bed’. A sucker for freebies, it went straight into my shopping cart. Delivery is free and you can pay by PayPal, an excellent option for the lazy shopper who can’t be bothered to find her purse. We own two rabbits so I found their Burgess Excel rabbit food for a good price too.

Being used to the speedy delivery of VetUK and MonsterPetSupplies, I thought we’d be covered before our current food had run out. Unfortunately there were no medals awarded for speed of delivery. (Am I allowed to mention medals at this time of year? Oh well, done it twice now). The delivery arrived in 5 days after ordering, so if you aren’t in a rush and are much more organised than me, then grab a bargain.

You’ll get an email when the parcel has been dispatched and I had no customer service issues whatsoever, so a big thumbs up from me. The free dog bed turned out to be a bit more of a blanket, branded with Pro Plan and has a kind of shiny, wipe clean finish. I guess if you own a Yorkshire Terrier it would be a luxurious bed. A Dobermann on the other hand, well it doesn’t make much of a dent but a welcome addition all the same. So, I’d recommend MedicAnimal if you too suffer at the hands of hypnosis like this, “feed me…”

Have you used MedicAnimal before, what were your experiences?

5 thoughts on “A review of MedicAnimal.com

  1. I ordered renal dog food for my dog who has kidney failure. The food was suppose to arrive “up to 5 days”. On the 8th day I get an email from Medic Animal saying that they didn’t have some of my order in stock. WHY DIDN’T THEY TELL ME THIS ON DAY ONE!

    In the end my order arrive in two parts 10 and 12 days after I made the order.

    You cannot by this food on the high street. So this company’s behaviour nearly resulted in not being able to feed my dog (she is not allowed to eat anything else).



  2. They really struggle with delivery. I’m sick of their excuses. Usually dispatched 48 hours after ordering. Well I ordered at 7am on Monday and am still waiting for a dispatch email today (Saturday). Good job it’s free as I certainly wouldn’t pay for that delivery timescale. Rubbish from start to finish. If it’s time or diet sensitive (or both) DO NOT use medic animal as they wouldn’t know urgent if it bit them on the backside.


  3. Same here, very disappointing start, came across medicanimal after another site let me down, sounded promising enough but awful delivery service never got a confirmation email of dispatch and wasn’t told that the food was currently out of stock, wont be using this service again as now I need to feed my dog something else and upset her stomach as I cannot get this food locally.
    don’t order from these unless you have a full bag already !!


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