Team GB Olympic Athletes and Their Dogs

So what does it take to win a gold medal or two? Intense training, high fitness levels, determination and stamina? All qualities that help when owning a dog too, certainly a Dobermann, from my experience. So when stories of the successful GB athletes and their dogs kept popping up in the news I just had to do a round-up. I’m pleased to be in very good company with my choice of breed too, take a look.

Jessica Ennis, our gold winning heptathlete from Sheffield, owns Myla a chocolate Labrador. Myla accompanies Jessica on some of her training runs and she says she’s never happy than when walking her dog. Not sure if she said that before recent events but understandable all the same.

Andy Murray, Scotland’s gold winning tennis player owns Maggie May and Rusty, two cute Border Terriers. Maggie May has her own Twitter account with over 10,000 followers, serious show biz dog.

Next up, she’s practically a neighbour and her dog is staying at Mypetstop boarding kennels Leeds attached to our vets up the road. Nicola Adams, Leeds resident and the worlds first gold winning female boxer has a 10 month old Dobermann called Dexter. He enjoyed the luxury of watching her on TV in the swish kennels, complete with boxing glove adorned Meerkat toy.

Finally, super cyclist Victoria Pendleton. No gold medals but now she’s retired she can spend more time with these beauties, Dobermanns Jonty and Stella. Even athletes have to take their dogs to puppy training, which is where the photo below is from.

Have you seen any more olympic athletes and their dogs?

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