Half of the UK share their bed with their pet

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Below is a news release with some shocking results. Lupo never sleeps the night in our bed. Apart from being the size of horse and taking up too much room, he also sleep walks (yes really), whines when he dreams and is like having an extra radiator next you. It would never work. We’ll stick to letting him have a snooze on a weekend morning – before I quickly change the sheets.

Here’s the survey story:

A recent study into the bedroom habits of Brits has revealed that almost half (44%) of the UK public share a bed with their pet. The survey, which aimed to discover peoples’ attitudes in the bedroom, discovered that passion is left firmly at the door as pets make their move!

Less than 10% of the people surveyed said that their bed was a place for passion with a whopping 31% claiming their bed is purely functional, a place simply to sleep. This goes a long way to explaining the lack of lust in the UK.

The survey results have suggested that the British public are more inclined to roll around with Rover or spoon with Spot than offer their partner some affection, which is further supported by the 90% of respondents who felt there was a lack of passion in the bedroom. It’s not just a girl thing either, with 12% of men admitting to putting their pet first in a relationship; dogs are clearly still man’s best friend.

Over 20% of those in West Midlands let their pet sleep in their bed every night, so it may come as no surprise that respondents from West Midlands felt their pets caused friction between them and their partner.

However, all is not lost, with 15% of pet owners saying their pet brought them and their partner closer together and 10% of men admitting to letting their pet share their bed with them when their partner is away.

Unfortunately for some 80% of unlucky owners, having left their beloved animals roaming their bedrooms, have come home to find furniture or carpets chewed!

Bedstar are calling on the British public to say it’s time for people to indulge their mutts and mogs and get them a fancy bed of their own out of the bedroom, then maybe the Brits can reignite some passion in the bedroom!

A spokesperson at Bedstar, said: “We were really shocked to find that just short of half of Britons surveyed let their pets sleep in bed with them and even more so that 90% felt there was a lack of passion in the bedroom – so we want to encourage pet owners to claim back the bedroom and leave their pet on the other side of the bedroom door!”

Bedstar offers a wide range of beds and bedroom furniture at affordable prices, all in one online store: http://www.bedstar.co.uk.

One thought on “Half of the UK share their bed with their pet

  1. I enjoyed your blog this morning. Farley, our wheaten terrier sleeps in a crate. If we’re traveling and don’t have the crate with us, he tries to find a closet to sleep in. He likes small, hard surfaces. I guess it keeps him cool. Farley’s crate is large enough for him to stretch out in and he can turn around. Some dogs like a blanket in their crate, but Farley’s not one of them. Thanks for the insights.


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