A Retriever, a Terrier and a Dobermann

A year before we brought Lupo home, my parents bought a Golden Retriever called Wilbur and a Parsons Russell Terrier called Bracken. All three dogs have grown up together but Bracken leads the pack. Lupo is more than a little in love with her so she loves to wind him up. She’s kept on a long line otherwise we’d loose her down every available rabbit hole! Wilbur can almost always be found taking a dip in the nearest pond or puddle, typical for his breed in his long warm coat.

Here are some recent snaps of them having fun together. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “A Retriever, a Terrier and a Dobermann

  1. I travelled 3000 km with a border terrier, a wheaten terrier and a rottweiler all in one van. Lots of laughs. The photos of the dogs playing are great and show how very different dogs can get alone.


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