Christmas Gifts for Dogs and their Owners

Over the next month I’ll be showcasing some of the best (and indeed worst) products out there, that are being touted as the perfect present for hound or hound loving human. I’ve been lucky enough to be in touch with some great companies who have put forward their suggestions, so I’ll be featuring them in their very own posts in the coming weeks.

In the mean time, lets start with the questionable ones. It can only get better right? Due to Lupo‘s size most dressing up outfits are out-of-bounds, I’m sure to his glee, but there’s plenty more opportunity we can treat/embarrass our pets and ourselves in other ways this Christmas. Enjoy.

If your dog stares forlornly at your Turkey dinner, why not get him his own, without the added calories?

Even pet food companies don’t miss a trick at this time of year. Iams have released a Turkey flavoured dog food, along with a free pet portrait with every bag promotion. This one can be found on Monster Pet Supplies.

If you, like me, were over the whole Meerkat obsession after the first ten adverts and own a dog that likes to shred stuffed toys to bits, treat them to one of these. You can both have fun watching its head being ripped off. Bah humbug.

monster pet supplies

I was sent a link to this next product featured by a friend and literally gasped at my computer, not quite believing my eyes. If there is a canine equivalent of the Bodyform advert where women are jumping out of planes at that time of the month, I think I’ve just found it. What’s the link to Christmas I hear you cry? They come in special Christmas and winter fabrics, of course. Behold, fancy pants for dogs.

I can’t top that last one, so I’ll end on a high. Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment in my Christmas gift guide and share any present suggestions or horror stories you’ve had in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts for Dogs and their Owners

  1. Please don’t endorse Iams – they test on animals in horrible ways. Google ‘Iams boycott’ to learn more, but as a basic rule if Proctor & Gamble have their name on it they’ve tested it on animals, including all their beauty products. They test each individual ingredient so legally they can put “product not tested on animals” on their packaging because the final product hasn’t been.


    1. Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention. I think it’s important for people to make informed decsions when choosing which brands they give their money to. I am in no way endorsing the brand personally but will be leaving it in this post as everyone will be able to read your opinion alongside it to make up their mind. Thanks for commenting.


      1. Completely agree that people should decide where to spend their money – I was just saying because sometimes the truth gets hidden in slick advertising campaigns.

        Also worth mentioning that if people do want to change dog food, to do so over a number of days – gradually phasing one in and one out because a sudden change in diet can cause poorly tums.


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