Christmas Gifts for Practical Dog Owners

Socks and gloves are a necessity for dog walkers who brave winter walks, but not something you enjoy spending your own money on. Which in my mind makes them a great Christmas gift. So when the lovely Karina got in touch about two brands she works with, I thought they’d be perfect for those of you searching for presents for the practical folk in your lives.

First up, introducing MacWet Gloves. Before we’d even left the house Lupo made sure he put them through some rigorous tests.

A favourite with the likes of Zara Phillips and suitable for all types of outdoor sports, these gloves feature ‘all grip, no slip’ technology. Never mind controlling an Olympic show jumper, these do just as good a job on holding a 6 stone Dobermann when he sees a squirrel, I can now testify. Like me, you may have been getting by using some cheap, thick woolly gloves which get sodden when it rains, and make unclasping a fiddly dog lead a bit of a chore. This is where these gloves pay for themselves in my mind. I’ll be hanging on to these and recommending to them to everyone!

Here comes the science bit…these clever gloves dry naturally in 5 or so minutes and use the moisture they have wicked away to increase the grip…and you thought a post about gloves wouldn’t teach you anything! Retailing at a reasonable £27.99 for the quality you receive, the only tricky part will be trying to measure the palm size of the person you are gifting them too – theres a handy guide on the website here. I think it just gives you an excuse to treat yourself this Christmas.

So now you’ve decided to buy someone probably the best gloves in the world, and will bask in the delight of excellent gift giving, I’ll throw a spanner in the works and suggest another equally as practical and impressive suggestion.

Heat Holder socks claim to keep your feet SEVEN times warmer than normal socks. Having tested these on a fairly mild November afternoon, I’d have to agree. Mine were actually roasting. But there does come a time in this country when you find yourself layering 2 or 3 pairs of socks just to keep warm, usually in January in my experience. So with a tog rating of 2.34, these socks genuinely are the warmest thermal socks in the world, and you only have to wear one pair. A bonus when you’re trying to get an excitable dog out the door quickly.

Retailing from just £7.99 and in a range of colours, they would make a great stocking filler and not just for dog walkers. They come in a range of children’s sizes  and also double up as great slipper socks for around the house. If you needed anymore persuading, Craig from UK Big Brother fame has put his name (and face) on them as endorsement. He works outside a lot, so he knows what he’s talking about.

Will you be treating yourself or someone else to a practical present this year?

Disclaimer: I was sent these products in return for my honest review.

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