Caboodle Boot Bag Review

Next up in my Christmas gift guide for dogs and owners, a great suggestion for those that like to jump in the car to travel for long walks.

I don’t know about you, but when we pack the car when Lupo is coming along, it always means we bring twice as much stuff as normal. Akin to having a small child in tow. We usually use one of those big blue bags from Ikea and stuff towels, our boots, coats, leads, water and the kitchen sink in there. Which is fine on your way out, but when you return from a wet and muddy walk, all that stuff has to be crammed in together again.


Well, not anymore! Caboodle are the clever folk behind specially designed bags just for this purpose. This boot bag means you can stow away your boots, gloves, scarves and hats and anything else, in one tidy place. I took some photos from using it in my car, but when I carried the boots back in, I’ve left them in there. I did have a tendency to throw my muddy boots into a corner in the utility room, so it’s serving another purpose inside the house too.


Its made from a hard wearing canvas and comes in country-style olive-green. The inside is waterproof, so you can give it a wipe down every so often if you’ve brought something home from your walk you shouldn’t have! The first winter we had Lupo I invested in some tall walking boots from Toggi. I was worried they may not fit in the bag, but they are a perfect fit. Your boots stay upright and there is a separate pocket for your bits and bobs.


The Caboodle boot bag would make a great gift for adventurous dog walkers, or even those who just like to keep a tidy and orderly home. they would also come in handy for riding boots, hiking or even ski boots. Priced at just £16, check out their website for the whole range, including baby changing bags.

Disclaimer: I was the sent this product in return for my honest review.

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