Presents For Men… Women and Dogs

A few weeks ago a catalogue came through the door that I read over breakfast one day. I was looking for a present for my 15-year-old nephew, not an easy task, but the ‘Presents for Men’ catalogue threw up loads of ideas. Never fear feminists, there is a sister company, ‘Gifts for the Girls’, to keep everyone happy.

When they got in touch asking if I’d like to feature them in my Christmas gift guide, I was more than happy to oblige as there were lots of gifts to choose from suitable for both dogs and their owners. I chose four products based on Christmas presents I think would be suitable for all budgets, and they arrived a few days later.

Under £10

First up, the Good guide to dog friendly pubs, hotels and B&B’s. Apart from being a bit of a mouthful to say and type, this book is a really handy gift. If you’ve ever searched for similar on the web, there isn’t one great website to refer to before you head out of the door. When I got a Kindle, I swore books would have no place in my life anymore, but it seems this fits a gap. I’m looking forward to putting it to the test in the new year.

Good guide to dog friendly pubs, hotels and b&b’s £9.99

dog friendly guide

Under £15

In our kitchen we have one cupboard dedicated to the dog. It’s where we keep his lead, treats, bags and other paraphernalia. But in the absence of buying anything more suitable than a plastic box to house all of this, I thought a nice tin for treats would be really handy and I can’t be the only dog owner doing this.  This one is fairly tall, with a cute design and it fits neatly in the cupboard, but would work just as well sat on the counter. Just don’t get it mixed up with your own biscuit tin. Blegh!

Round dog treats tin £14.99

dog treat tin

Under £7

You can’t go wrong with a pair of socks for christmas. In contrast to these I blogged about earlier, these socks are all about standing out and just a little bit of substance. Ankle length, with an amusing dog in a pinny on one side, and no slip writing underneath, these would make a great stocking filler for any dog lover.

Dog slipper socks £6.99

dog slipper socks

Under £8

Last but not least, one for the dogs. I’d seen these toys years ago and thought they were great fun, so snapped one up to try out. Unfortunately Lupo just did not get it and wouldn’t do the pose I was after, holding it between his front teeth. I just never taught him a command for that move! But he thought the game was great fun and proceeded to chew the toy to death all the same. I can hear him throwing the toy around in the living room as I type, so at least he’s happy.

Dog lips toy £7.99

dog lips



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