Pet-isserie Dog Treats (contains graphic images)

Lupo was sent an exciting package at the weekend, from specialist home-made dog treat makers Pet-isserie. On opening the package I found a cute white box, normally used for housing cupcakes for humans. Nestled on top of the festive red paper was nothing I could eat disappointingly, but the following that had the dog drooling from first sniff:

  • Stocking shaped and tree shaped milky biscuits, which are topped with a yoghurt frosting and hand decorated
  • A Christmas pudding, which is a milk ball, drenched in carob then topped with yoghurt frosting
  • A snowballs, covered in yoghurt frosting, then rolled around in flaky coconut
  • A snowman pupcake made from peanut butter (Lupo’s favourite)

dog treats

I’m sure you’ll agree they look good enough to eat, but sometimes i just have to let my chief tester have all the fun. I’ve been giving one to him everyday, for the past few days, kind of like the best dog advent calendar ever.

WARNING: The following images contain graphic scenes of drool and maimed biscuits.


oh christmas tree


As you can see, the treats didn’t touch the sides. My finger actually got caught in the cross fire at one point, as it found itself between Lupo’s teeth and the Stocking biscuit with nowhere to go. Ouch.

Priced from just £5.50 and made from natural ingredients, these home-made treats are a great alternative to mass-produced shop bought treats for gifts this Christmas. They last up to two weeks if you keep them airtight, but I doubt you’ll keep them that long when you see the look on your dogs face. There are a selection of cakes at lower prices for when Christmas is over and you need another excuse to purchase – birthdays are a growing trend in dog celebrations.

Please make sure you visit their website if you are looking to treat your favourite pooch this christmas and chat to the friendly bunch on Twitter here: @petisserieuk

If Lupo had thumbs, he’s raise both of them to Pet-isserie.

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