GJW Titmuss Blogger Challenge

Here is our entry into the blogger challenge, set by online pet store GJW Titmuss.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, GJW Titmuss sent to me

12 Cheesy Bites

11 Sea Wraps

A 10 inch Boomer Ball

9 Tasty Mini Beef Treats

8 Antlers for Chewing

7 goes on the Tornado Game

6 scoops of food in a box

5 chews on Nyla Beef Bone

4 swipes at the Brick Game

3 Nibbles on a Nyla Bone Souper

2 licks on a Marrow Bone

And a Perla Pet Bed in fetching green

xmas competitionIt all adds up to £199 and would keep this Santa’s helper from destroying anymore Christmas decorations of mine. Even the hat in the photo below didn’t survive this year after being shredded.

photo (6)

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