In the dog house: Smelly dogs blamed for fights with friends

Byotrol reveals its Pet Proud Report

They’re dubbed man’s best friend, but the dog might be your only friend if he isn’t suitably groomed. A new report reveals that over two thirds of Brits (65 per cent) believe dogs to be smelly and unhygienic. Even dog owners responded negatively to the question, which formed the basis of the report; with a nearly quarter of dog owners (24 per cent) saying that their beloved pooch packs a pong.


The report, conducted by hygiene technology brand, Byotrol, also revealed that over a quarter of Brits (27 per cent) risk friendships due to pet politics. These people actively avoid the homes of their dog-owning friends, hating dog hairs on their clothes, wet, muddy paws and smelly fur. Neither do they invite these friends to their own homes; for fear that they might bring the dreaded dog. A staggering one in twenty Brits (5.5%) even admitted to splitting up with a partner or falling out with a friend for good, all down to dirty dog disputes.


TV vet Joe Inglis commented: “Britain’s dogs really are in the dog house according to Byotrol’s Pet Proud report. It’s such a shame that Brits are losing their dog owning friends, just because they’re worried about a lingering doggy smell. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t entirely to blame for their smelly reputation and homes they visit not smelling fresh…dog owners can make just a few small changes to their dog’s hygiene and grooming regimes to ensure they smell of roses and so do their homes.


“Byotrol technology is now being used to power pet hygiene and grooming products from both Pets at Home and Petface, which is available in Sainsbury’s. The hygiene sprays have been specifically developed for use in areas where pets live, sleep and feed and are the only products that keep on working after they have dried, protecting against germs and odours for up to 24 hours.”


Byotrol, has also revealed the smelly dog hotspots of the UK*, as voted by the 2,000 respondents to the survey. Dogs in Northern Ireland were shamed as the stinkiest:


The Byotrol smelly dog hotspots

  1. Northern Ireland (11.5 per cent)
  2. South West (10.2 per cent)
  3. Wales (9.8 per cent)
  4. North West of England (8.4 per cent)
  5. East of England (8 per cent)


But it’s not all doggy doom and gloom. Women are more forgiving of smelly dogs than men, with ten per cent more women than men (39 per cent) thinking that it’s unfair that dogs are branded as unhygienic.


Byotrol’s report also found that dog owners are more likely to have a long term partner than those who don’t own a dog, with nearly 80% of dog owners in a long term relationship.


Joe added: “So it’s not all bad news for dog owners, who seem to be living happily ever after. It really is love me, love my dog, which is great to see!”


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