Pet Photoshoot from

There are certain trends that come to the UK from America, especially when it comes to babies and parenting. The latest craze is for newborn baby photoshoots. But if your pet is the one you want to adorn your walls with, (I have two canvas photos of Lupo in our living room) then what are the options?

Online gift experience retailer,, has just the solution. And a very affordable one at that. For just £15 you can purchase a voucher for a pet photoshoot to take your chosen pet along to a local studio. You’ll get time with a professional photographer, who will coax your pet into posing so you can get some great images to take home.

The pet photoshoot would make a great gift or something to treat you and your pet. We’re going to have buy Lupo a new collar to smarten him up a bit before we use our voucher. I’ll be sure to share the photos when we do!

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