When you have a large dog like a Dobermann, size matters. I’m talking about dog beds, collars, bowls, everything has to be supersize. It makes me laugh to see the tiny versions of everything on the pet aisle in the supermarket, they’d be more suited to our dutch rabbits than the dog. So if you own a large dog, be prepared to part with a lot of money, compared to the average Yorkshire terrier owner, especially when it comes to dog beds. But it’s not always easy guessing just how big things need to be.

So when I was introduced to the concept of, it made perfect sense. This is the first site I’ve come across where you can choose a dog bed by the breed and size of your dog. Genius. Especially if your dog is anything like mine and has no concept of how big he is – running full speed into you or squeezing himself into a bed made for a Parson Russell Terrier:


The site is super easy to navigate, offering you the chance to choose your dogs breed, then the type of bed you want. Who knew there were so many choices – fibre, quilted, luxury, snuggle, you name it. You can then choose by fabric if you really know what you are looking for, or just browse the images for one that matches your furniture or decor.

We opted for a Hunter Tweed Snuggle bed. It has raised edges and a removable cushion for ease of washing. Even at the right size, Lupo tends to hang off the edge or sit with his front feet in it, and boy does it take some re-arranging to be just right. He will dig and scratch at it until it’s in just the right heap of a mess for him to plonk himself down on.

As well as dog beds, you can also pick up car seat covers and blankets, handy for road trips and saving your furniture. Delivery in the UK is just £4.50 which is reasonable for the low priced beds you can choose from and you can even pay by PayPal.

Where do you get your dog beds from, any tips?

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