Felix and Fido Pet Boutique


Set up in November 2012 by Helen Shorrock, Felix and Fido stocks ‘beautiful things for beautiful pets’. Helen spent her time in the run up to launching her website trading at markets, fairs and shows to fund the start-up of her business. Through this hard work she has gradually built up her stock and suppliers to increase the choice on offer for her customers.

Helen comments, “It’s really important for me to stock items not found in your average high street store and to ensure all items are beautiful as well as practical.”

This is exactly how I came across Helen’s website, as I was searching for the elusive brand of collar we bought Lupo over 3 years ago at Crufts. Felix and Fido are a stockist of the Italian Linky dog collars, and she kindly popped one in the post, addressed to Lupo of course. Here are some snaps of him modelling the Linky Evolution Flat Collar.





So what’s the website like for a customer? It has a simple and clean layout which lets the products speak for themselves. You can easily search by type of pet, or something more specific using the search function. All the main categories are down the left hand side, I do recommend a browse as even as a large dog owner, it’s rare that there are ‘beautiful’ products suitable for our pets, but you can be sure that Felix and Fido will have found them.

The majority of the brands are UK-based, a great plus point for those who like to support home-grown businesses. These include Ditsy Pet, Mutts & Hounds and even one specialising in unique hand-knitted dog jumpers, the brilliantly named Willieratbag.

As well as collars and leads, pet owners can shop for grooming products, treats and accessories too. There is also a link to read about the charities that Helen supports, offering them the chance to be featured on the website and her social channels for some extra exposure.

I’m looking forward to watching Felix and Fido grow over the coming months, as for a relatively new website they seem to have carved a niche in the market, which isn’t easy in such a competitive industry. I’m now just wondering if Helen could source a bow tie collar for Lupo, for my up coming wedding! With her great supplier contacts, I’m sure it would be no challenge at all.

Please visit Felix and Fido: www.felixandfido.co.uk and chat to Helen on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/felixandfido

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