Keeping your pet parasite free

Keeping your animal free from ticks, fleas and worms is very important to their overall health.  If your dog is afflicted by fleas or ticks they will be really uncomfortable and will itch a lot and there is a chance they will scratch their skin to the point of it breaking and becoming infected.  Worms can be equally debilitating and some, like the Heartworm, can even be fatal.

How to tell if your dog has fleas, worms or ticks

The most common symptom of fleas is excessive itching and if you look in the dogs fur you may be able to see the flea or flea droppings.

Ticks do not display many symptoms so the best way to check for fleas is to frequently check your dogs body. The tick is visible to the human eye and will feel pea like when you run your hands over their body.

Worms are sometimes visible in the dogs faeces but common signs of ringworm in puppies is a bloated stomach.  Other symptoms might include blood in stools but symptoms range depending on the type of worm your dog has.

Treating your dog for ticks, worms and fleas is really simple and cheap.  There are many different treatments available from most good pet product suppliers. The best way to keep on top of fleas, worms and ticks is to treat them regularly and keep them away rather than treating once the fleas or worms have  taken hold.

Frontline spot on is a good treatment that will help in the protection against fleas and ticks.  It is a simple pipette that contains the medication, you apply it on the skin on the back of your dogs neck and then your dog is protected for around 6 weeks.

Drontal worming tablets are a good choice for dog worming treatment.  They are readily available and are in tablet form.  Some dogs might not take tablets easily so if that is the case these tablets can be hid in food or treats to ensure that your dog takes them.  It is recommended that dogs are wormed every three months.

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