A Monster Haul

The lovely folks at Monster Pet Supplies kindly sent me a voucher for their fab website and here’s what I picked up for the very lucky Lupo.

Clix Dog Whistle

We should have bought this from puppyhood really, but I wanted to have a go at training Lupo to come back to a whistle, as opposed to me putting on the highest pitch voice and waving a biscuit/ pretending to walk away/ etc etc. Unfortuntely the bottom part of the whistle dropped off never to be found on a walk, so training swiftly halted. I may repurchase and take better care of it!

Danish Designs Sherpa Dog Fleece

You’ll know from previous posts that I managed to choose the daftest Dobermann from the litter, as he just loves to suck blankets. Sucking turns to nibbling and we go through a fair few blankets each year. This one is super thick and is lasting well so far. Thumbs up!

Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky Tiddlers

These aren’t for the faint hearted. Let me warn you, they absolutely stink. But that’s why I bought them! Lupo loves anything fishy and these really get his attention. He’s taken to getting one in his mouth and scuttling off to savour it. Sign of a good treat!


This is an essential in our house. Lupo gets very excited and is 45kg of pure muscle, so the collar and lead training didn’t go very well for us. The halti keeps us all happy and this one has a comfy padded nose band. Since being on  maternity leave I’ve watched how Lupo is with our dogwalker. And would you know, he walks to heel perfectly with her! I’m obviously not showing who’s pack leader around here…

Misfits Scruffy Bites

When we’re out walking we need small treats to keep Lupo’s attention, especially is we are passing other dogs on leads or need to stop him from chasing bikes/squirrels/imaginary monsters. These bites are the perfect size and just the right chewy texture to keep him interested.

Nylabone (Giant)

Another staple since puppyhood, we’ve had a big Nylabone for three years now, that Lupo still chews. They are that good! Made from a  durable plastic and come in different ‘flavours’, these really are the best bones for power chewers. As the dog gnaws away, the plastic gets rough and cleans their teeth. We’ve never had to brush his teeth with the vet commenting how clean they are, and I’m sure it’s thanks to Nyla Bone.

Petgear Non Spill Bowl

Finally, I chose this product as we are going on our first family, UK-based holiday next month. With some travelling in the car, I wanted something to ensure Lupo could get a drink whenever he wanted. So we’ll look forward to testing this out on the road, quite literally.

Visit Monster Pet Supplies

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