Is your dog the Next Wilko Dog Model?

Wilko is searching for the next top dog model to star on their new pet packaging. They are asking people to upload pics of their super pooch on the Wilko Facebook page here:

If you’d like to share that you’ve entered on Twitter, the hashtag is #summerlovin and Wilko’s Twitter handle is @lovewilko. You’ve got until the 28th July to enter, so hurry!

We’re big fans of Wilko, not least because of it’s name. They are great for things like cheap nappy bags, which double up as poo bags for us dog owners! They kindly sent Lupo some treats, as you can see he likes to help with the unpacking…

photo(13)I always have a nosey at the pet aisle in store. They sell everything from treats and food, toys, grooming products to worming tablets, all quite affordable and available online too. We may have to share those toys above with my mums terrier, they won’t last two minutes in the jaws of a Dobermann! The perils of having a large dog I’m afraid.

Good luck if you’ve entered the competition, I’m keeping my fingers crossed Lupo’s photo impresses the judges too!

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