UK Dog Friendly Accommodation with Hot Tub

I’ve made the title as such that I hope it helps someone in the same situation I was. I must have put variations of those keywords into Google hundreds of times, trying to find somewhere for our honeymoon. With a new baby we wanted to stay in the UK, but also wanted the luxury of a hot tub at night. But adding ‘dog friendly’ to this narrows your choices down even further. Don’t even get me started on how hard it was adding ‘close to beach’ to that little lot! I nearly gave up until…

I eventually came across this little gem. Voted in the Guardian’s Top Ten Cutest Log Cabins list, Milkwood Lodge, Dolgellau in Wales.

dog friendly uk holiday

Nestled in the valley (no phone reception, bliss) on a little complex of lodges backing on to woodland. You really are in the sticks. But just 3 miles away is a little town if you need to do some shopping. Then a 20 minute drive and you are at Barmouth beach, one of the most picturesque in the country.

The lodge itself is very cosy (I joked it was like sleeping in a garden shed due to the wood cladding! Meant in the nicest way possible) There’s a wood burning stove, a Sauna and of course the important hot tub. Just bliss after a long day walking in the forests or seaside.

When I booked this place I did have to convince the owner that my Dobermann wouldn’t eat his house. I can understand his nervousness having seen the place and all the wooden interior, but thankfully he looked at this blog and agreed for Lupo to join us. We had to pay a little extra for bringing the dog, but were happy to do so as the reviews for this place are all brilliant. Lupo was of course as good as gold. He didn’t like the floor in the kitchen for some reason, so ate his food in the hallway for the week!

Check out our holiday snaps below and here’s more info if you fancy booking your stay:

Note: I wasn’t asked to review this holiday, we paid for it in full and it’s my honest recommendation to you.

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