Dogs at Weddings

Dogs at weddings? It’s just down to personal taste. Especially in the UK where they aren’t allowed in Church and my own personal recurring nightmare, risking him jumping up onto a white dress with big muddy paws. But putting those things aside, it wouldn’t have been the same without some shots with our beloved pooch. So here’s what to consider if you fancy doing the same.

First up, if they are going to make an appearance, why not announce it on your wedding invites? It’s sure to get your guests intrigued. We went for: ‘Special guest appearance by Lupo’ just after the drinks reception on the wedding day schedule.

Next up, what will your dog wear? We got our florist to make up a big ribbon bow that we could tie to his collar and that matched the grooms tie! It arrived that morning along with our bouquets and was kept handy for attaching before he made his guest appearance.

We were lucky enough to have our wedding reception at my parents house, so the dogs were in the house while the guests arrived outside. One of the groomsmen was asked to bring Lupo out when the photographer said he was ready. I recommend organising this beforehand so everyone knows who should be where and when.

Here are our family shots. (Our daughter started to cry at this point so we couldn’t get one of the four of us)
bride, groom and dog dog at wedding

Along with my parents two dogs, Lupo was then collected by a local dog sitter and taken to her house for the night, so the noise wouldn’t upset them. One of the last things I did the night before the wedding was pack his bag with a lead, his food and a note telling her not to worry if he doesn’t eat much, he gets too excited and forgets if he’s somewhere new. Yes, it is like having another child to look after.

groom and dog

Oh and my dress stayed white, despite my nightmares. I stroked him at arms length and escaped any stains. Shame I can’t say the same for the red wine that jumped on my dress later that evening.

Credit: Nik Pickard Photography

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