Fantasy Job Interview with Totaljobs

If it’s a dream then anything can happen right? So if I could interview anyone in the whole world it would be my dog, Lupo. I really hope someone invents something to enable dogs to talk, like Dug in the film UP “I have just met you and I love you”, “SQUIRREL!”

So if I was going to interview Lupo for the important position of our family pet, these are the top three questions I’d ask. You can probably guess what his answers may be…

1. When left alone in an empty house when the family goes out food shopping, which of the following scenarios would you say you are most likely to be found in on our return?

  • a. Lying down in the dog bed, awaiting our return, but chewing it to pieces at the same time
  • b. Howling at the window, well my name is Italian for Wolf after all
  • c. Ripping up anything within nose height on the dining table, in protest
  • d. All of the above


2. We like going on walks in our local park and woods, tell us what you would love to do the most on these walks?

  • a. Walk side by side the family, gazing adoringly into our eyes the whole time, no one is more important than us.
  • b. Chase and fetch a tennis ball in a fun game, bringing it back when we want to go home before it gets dark.
  • c. Play nicely with other dogs, not running rings around them and their owners and stealing their toys.
  • d. The opposite to the above. Instead chase bike riders, runners, squirrels, balls (but don’t bring them back) ignore my name being called and roll in the smelliest mud I can find.

3. We love food in this house, what’s your favourite?

  • a. Everything, I’m a dog silly!
  • b. Just dog food and any left overs are welcome
  • c. Only the finest cuts of meat.
  • d. I’m quite picky. I don’t like crisps, bread, dog food that’s too cold, any left overs without meat I’ll turn my nose up at. I do like peanut butter though!

In hindsight, its probably best that Lupo wasn’t interviewed for his job as family pet, as I’m not sure he would have got it. Let’s keep the technology on the back burner for now, OK science bods? To us, he’s still perfect for the job.

This is my entry for the TotalJobs writing competition: 

UPDATE: 30/10/13 I won this competition! Thank you TotalJobs.

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