Pure Pet Food Review

IMG_2072Pure Food got in touch and asked if Lupo would like to try their naturally dehydrated dog food. I get a lot of requests for dog food and generally turn them down unless it’s something I’ve not heard of before. I had a nosey at their website while I pondered, and it is a really good website. One of the best I’ve seen for ages, make sure you have a look and watch the video on the homepage. Intrigued, I accepted and was sent a couple of samples in the post. I feed Lupo a combination of dry kibble and wet meat from tins. I know there are things in it that aren’t great, but I had to weigh up the cost and the fact he adores tinned meat over complete dry food, any day. Whilst I’m unlikely to be persuaded to change his food, he is an ever willing product tester for anyone reading who might consider it for their dog. Far from a typical dog or dustbin as we used to call our retriever, Lupo is VERY picky. So here’s how we got on testing Pure… IMG_2080I followed the instructions, with my sous chef close at hand. The smell drove him mad waiting the ten minutes for it to soak. He walked round the house whining and doing this: IMG_2082 So I distracted him with the other sample, which he ripped open. Ooops.IMG_2101 Not the prettiest of dog food, but I can’t name one that is, can you? This flavour was chicken and it smelt just like a homemade chicken soup. Pure’s dog food is human grade, which is impressive! It’s cleverly dried out with warm air over several hours and it’s powder form makes it handy to store. Especially for those owners who feed a raw food diet. IMG_2110 I tested this with Lupo at lunchtime, in between his morning and evening meals so he wasn’t starving and wouldn’t give an unfair review. We’re professionals you know! He proceeded to drool as he waited for me faffing about with the camera, and then got stuck in. IMG_2111 IMG_2114It disappeared! Not surprising as it’s made up of 30% chicken and 7.5% egg so it’s got a high protein content compared to most high street dog foods. If you don’t fancy Chicken for your dog, you can also order Duck or Veg flavours. Priced at the top end of the market, at £54.99 for the equivalent of 16kg of food, it’s surpasses the likes of Pro Plan. But if you can afford to feed your dog this level of quality, why wouldn’t you? You can order a sample for your dog to try here. Be sure to let me know what you think!

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