PetnHome Vet Bedding Review

As we do an increasing amount of reviews for you lovely readers, I thought I better set up some sort of system in rating products and services, so you can see how they fare against each other. Perhaps we can start Lupo’s Leaderboard?! But lets walk before we gallop , hey. First up to test using our new rating system,

This company manufactures pet and garden products in the UK. Based “in a converted farm located in the picturesque Cheddar Valley, at the foot of the beautiful Mendip hills and Cheddar Gorge in Somerset England.” Sounds lovely to me!

One of their key products is vet bedding. You may have heard of this, and a lot of you may use it in dog crates. My parents have a piece of it in front of their Aga for the dogs to lie on. I have never bought it due to Lupo the Destroyer (his alternative Pedigree name) opting for cheap blankets instead, so I was very grateful to be sent two pieces for Lupo to try.

Two pieces? Greedy dog, I hear you muttering. Well, there’s a reason for that. There are two types of vet bedding. The first has a non slip rubber grip on one side, making it perfect for wooden floors, or in our case, Bamboo. The other type is the standard version, and still claims to be hard wearing when it comes to chewing. Or Lupo’s favourite new pastime, scraping and scratching things to move them around the floor. So PetnHome kindly sent me both.

This is a daily scene in our house at the moment. The baby gets the rug, with a fleece blanket, and Lupo has his new vet bed that fits perfectly in front of the sofa. It’s actually plenty big enough for him to lie lengthways, he just always has to have a paw or two on the rug, just in case the baby takes her eyes off her rubber giraffe toy that he would LOVE to eat, for one minute.
doberman and baby


Vet bedding comes in loads of colours. The white we were sent is perhaps not the best choice for winter, but I suppose makes it easy to see when you should wash it. I like the grey paw design and for the design conscious you can always choose a colour to match your decor. More marks too for being able to order it in any size you wish. 8/10



This stuff is SO soft. I mean, take your socks off and curl your toes in it soft. Preferably before the dog gets chance to claim it. Officially it’s 30mm, and it’s meant Lupo has been spending more time in his basket than usual, hugging the radiator and burying his face in the softness. 10/10



So far it’s withstanding a fidgety Dobermann very well. The non slip version has stayed true to it’s word, and the standard has not a rip or tear in sight. Some fluff has been coming off, but i think that’s due to the nature of it being rough cut to order. 8/10



Machine washable at 40 degrees, and quick drying, means there’s no mess or fuss when it comes to eliminating that ‘dog’ smell that comes from fusty bedding. Not quite ten out of ten if I can’t use my tumble dryer, but that’s being picky! 9/10


Order it cut to size and the price starts at just £5.99. Order by the roll, handy if you have kennels, or want pieces for different rooms and the car, and it starts from around £30. Lots of options according to your budget. But not as cheap as piling up fleece blankets or towels, as was my preferred method! 7/10

IMG_0086With an average score of 8.4/10, we happily recommend PetnHome if you fancy some vet bedding for your furry friend. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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