Rover the Doodles Dog

Remember when Ikea first opened in the UK? Apart from buying a lifetimes supply of tea lights, everyone came home with one of their wooden figurines – a man with moveable body parts used traditionally by artists for drawing. Well fast forward a few (ok a lot) of years and I’ve found a modern version of this classic product, and it’s infinitely better as there’s a dog version too.

Meet Adam and Rover. Made from stainless steel wire and aluminium rivets, these two are the perfect gift for dog lovers and budding artists alike.

The possibilities of posing them are endless and there are loads of creative videos people have made if you search online. Focusing on Rover, I studied Lupo and positioned Rover’s legs to bend in the same way, for authenticity. Rover has a deep chest and curly tail, so could easily pass as a Dobermann.IMG_0361

They each come in their own see through presentation box, with ideas for poses on the back. They are great for both budding photographers and those who prefer a more traditional approach with pencil and paper. Below is my favourite pose, ‘play’ as Lupo does this a lot!


Adam, on the other hand, is tall and quite tricky to balance on his feet, so I tend to prop him up on Rover. His head looks a little small in this photo, but if I sat next to Lupo like that, I’d look small too. My only criticism is that his waist joint is a little loose, so doesn’t stay upright easily. I’m sure it’s just a one off and if you were handy with a small tool kit, you could fix him easily yourself.


Adam and Rover now live on our TV stand, surviving so far from a nosey dog and a baby who wants to put them in her mouth. From an interior design perspective I think they make an interesting addition to the living room and certainly a talking point.

IMG_0368 IMG_0198IMG_0204

No Rovers were harmed in the making of this blog post.


Adam and Rover would make the perfect Christmas gift and you can order yours online here. Catch up with them on Facebook here and be sure to share your photos.

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