WonderWoof – The new tracking, training and social app for dogs

New London-based tech company Wondermento today announces the global launch of its debut app WonderWoof – a free app designed to help dog-owners track, train and socialize their dog. The app can also be coupled with an optional personalised bow-tie device – allowing owners to stay connected whilst away from their beloved pooch.

“45% of dogs are overweight which results in poor health and decreased life expectancy,” says Wondermento CEO, Betsy Fore. “Busy, urban dwelling owners want their dog to be happy and healthy, but have difficulty managing and tracking their dog’s food and exercise intake”.

WonderWoof Reminders WonderWoof Social


Based on the dog’s size, WonderWoof will help owners set appropriate exercise goals and monitor their dog’s weight. The app’s built-in reminders feature can be used for vet appointments and grooming, or to set schedules for regular activities like feeding and playtime.

Soon to follow will be a series of animated training videos which are currently in development with one of the producers of The Simpsons. The short videos will teach owners the puppy basics such as sit, stay, or heel, as well as more advanced tricks!


The app can either be used on its own, or with a connected Bluetooth bow tie device that attaches to the dog’s collar. The bow tie, which will be hitting stores this summer, acts as a tracker and pedometer for the dog, tracking their location and activity, even when the owner and dog are apart. Each bow tie is custom made using 3D-printing technology and can be personalized to suit the dog it’s made for. Pre-orders can be placed now at http://wondermento.com/purchase.html

“It’s sort of like Facebook meets Runkeeper for dogs,” says Fore. “Imagine being able to stay connected to your dog, even while you’re traveling or at work.”


The app’s social component allows dogs to earn bones for physical activities that you can then share across social media. There are plans to roll out social features to set up play dates or walks with doggy pals, as well as being able to friend other dogs in the area and share badges you’ve earned!

Giving Back

“We’re a company founded and run by dog lovers so WonderWoof is injected with expertise and passion,” says Fore. Putting its money where its mouth is, Wondermento will donate 3% of the proceeds of its physical product sales towards stopping animal cruelty and getting dogs into loving homes.


App Name: WonderWoofTM Developer: Wondermento
Price: £FREE
Format: iOS iPhone 4 and above Audience: Dog owners Language: English

Available: Worldwide App store links:

UK – http://bit.ly/1ooxQuH
US – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wonderwoof/id739211886?mt=8
Canada – https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/wonderwoof/id739211886?mt=8&ls=1

Twitter: @woofwonderwoof
Facebook: facebook.com/wondermento

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    1. It’s a great tool for your kind of business, I agree. I’m just in the process of reviewing a wifi pet monitor that also may be of interest. Owners can check on their pet via an app on their phone whilst they are away. Make sure you sign up to receive an email for my new posts, so you don’t miss it! The box can be found on the homepage, thanks.


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