When pets win the lottery…

Winning a massive jackpot in a lottery like the US Mega Millions with its jackpot of $309 million would change your life dramatically. So when you begin to enjoy your wealth as a newly minted millionaire, don’t forget your animal companion can now also live the good life. Here are a few ways your beloved pet could be spoilt and live in luxury.

If you are going to dream, dream big. Everyone fantasizes about what they would do if they hit the ‘big one’ in the lottery. Cars, houses, travel, paying off debts, to name a few. For those of us who adore our animal companions, spoiling them definitely ranks high on the fantasy list. Here are some ideas to help you spend that money.

Everyone knows the way to your pets’ hearts is through their stomach, so no more kibble and bits for Fido or Mittens. Why not hire a personal chef to ensure your fur-baby eats a healthy nutritious and delicious meal. A few examples of meals that a personal chef would prepare:

Mediterranean Lamb – ground lamb, eggs, organic whole wheat couscous, fresh grated zucchini & carrot, organic raw apple cider vinegar, fish oil, ground egg shell, sea salt

South American Chicken – chicken, eggs, organic quinoa (cooked in natural broth), yellow squash & zucchini, organic raw apple cider vinegar, fish oil, ground egg shell, sea salt

Turkey Harvest – ground turkey, eggs, millet, fresh grated carrot & zucchini, organic raw apple cider vinegar, fish oil, ground egg shell, sea salt

Shopping when rich is always fun. Here are some of the most luxurious items you could purchase your little darlings:

22k Gold-Thread Pet Mattress  – £1,793

Versace Barocco Pet Bowl – 22K gold leafed porcelain bowl designed by the famous Versace – £450

Louis XV Pet Pavilion – a glorious bed styled after an 18th Century French Rosewood commode – £14,345

I Love Dogs 52-carat Diamond Dog Collar – A regular studded collar not enough. This has more than 1600 hand-set diamonds on 18K white gold attached to a crocodile leather collar – £1 Million

Swarovski-studded Cat Flap  – not to be outdone by the pooch this cat flap features more than 1000 Swarovski crystals ensuring a royal entrance every time.– £983

Being ridiculously rich can be stressful, so why not treat your pet to a deep muscle massage at the local spa (approximately £1,195). Even better why not combine a little shopping while your pet gets pampered and take him or her for a pet-icure at Harrods? While you shop till you drop your pet can enjoy a blueberry and vanilla facial and pedicure. Offering over 42 different types of treatments, your pet will be spoilt rotten and come out looking like a million bucks.

Got an itch to travel? Time to find a place to let your pet relax. For an estimated £47,000 you could put your pet up one of the Paws Seasons. At these hotels your pet can enjoy a walk with a Commonwealth hurdler and food prepared by a personal chef.

Your baby will get their own private suite and be able to enjoy surfing lessons, a reiki session and a luxury wardrobe. When it all goes to your pet’s head there is a behavioural expert on site to discourage any bad behaviour (you don’t want to find out about your pet’s antics in the Sun or the Mirror).

Nothing is too much or too expensive when it comes to puppy (or kitty…or birdie) love, so don’t forget that your cherished pet too can be spoilt rotten when you win the big one.

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