A Blanket Obsession & Swell UK

It’s no secret there is one thing Lupo loves more than me. I’ve accepted it, I’ve come to terms with playing second fiddle, but it’s difficult to compete with his obsession.

I’m talking about blankets. Lovely soft, woolly, paw print covered blankets. Doesn’t matter the colour, (he’s colour blind anyway right) If it’s on the floor, and resembles a blanket he thinks is for him, he’ll drag it to the sofa, get into just the right position and suck it like a baby with a comforter. Dangerous breed eh?


Swell Pets have the daddy of all blankets. I wasn’t expecting it to be so large and so soft! A sign that it’s appreciated is the fact it is already full of holes he has picked out of it. I am forever finding soggy bits of red fluff. It’s a good job he’s cute.


You can buy the same blanket here. I was really impressed with the delivery process, it might annoy some, but I liked the fact you are sent an email at every stage of delivery. So you know exactly how long it will take and more importantly be in to receive it.

There are a multitude of products for cats and dogs on the Swell Pets, so make sure you have a look around. If your pooch has a love affair with blankets or just his bed in general (hey, I love my own bed too!) then you are sure to find something to treat them.


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