Motorola Scout Wi-Fi Camera


There has been an abundance of TV programmes about dogs recently, filming them as they are home alone. And another in the pipeline you will have seen from my previous post here. If this interests you, the Motorola Monitor from Anywhere camera is a great way for you to keep an eye on your own pet if you have to leave them alone. If you’ve always wondered what they get up to, or just how they get on the worktops to reach the tiniest crumb, this camera is perfect for you.

It essentially works like a baby monitor, and at just £99 it’s embarrassingly better than our actual baby monitor for a few reasons. It has a clear picture both day and night, even showing you the temperature of the room. As someone who leaves the heating to come on for the dog in winter, I’d be interested in this feature! But obviously useful for babies too.

It’s straight forward to set up, if you can remember your home Wi-Fi password, unlike me. Smart phone users can download a free app, connect it to your internet and set up the camera straight away. There is nothing more too it, and you’re ready to go.

I’ve been using this camera for a few months now. I was ready to write that Lupo has grown out of his ‘interesting’ behaviours when left alone, but I found an empty butter packet in his bed when i got home from work, sooooo maybe not! I haven’t caught him on camera unfortunately but you can see from these screen shots the App lets you take, the image is really clear so you can see exactly what they are up to.

photo 3photo 2

What’s missing for me is an easier way to attach it to surfaces that may not be flat, to increase the angle the camera can pan. One of those bendy tripods (pretty sure that’s not the brand name, but you get the picture) would do the job. I love how you can control the camera from your app, so if you can’t see your pet at first, move it around the room until you find them chewing the sofa, or enjoying another favourite pastime.

When chatting to people about this camera I have heard comments such as ‘I don’t want to know what my dog does’, maybe due to guilt or not being able to do anything about it if you can’t get home. But I would have loved this when Lupo was a puppy, as it was heart wrenching leaving him for work.

I think it’s a handy bit of kit, a bit of a luxury purchase for most people, but one I can see myself using for many years to come.



Scout is available in all retail stores, pet retail chains and distributors for £99.99. Motorola will be donating a percentage of each sale to the RSPCA.

4 thoughts on “Motorola Scout Wi-Fi Camera

  1. I came across these myself at a recent pet trade show. Got to say I was impressed with the kit and the sales team made some pretty bold claims. I just can’t see us stocking it or people spending £100 on it. Perhaps it could be useful for Kennels who need to keep an eye on a whole host of dogs but not so much in the domestic home. Thankfully we keep our dog in a crate whilst we are out so we know exactly where he is at all times 🙂 I like what you say about the different angles the camera needs to be at (the product you are taking about is called a Gorilla pod) to see all the action, or lack of!


    1. I agree the price tag is a bit of a sticking point, but you definitely get what you pay for. Having looked at a lot of baby monitors, it outperforms most of them!
      I’m constantly surprised at how much people lavish on their pets though, Style Tails and Pets Pyjamas are two sites full of luxury (pricey) products and they seem to do pretty well. I love the look of your site, thanks for your comment 🙂


      1. I agree with about getting what you pay for and good luck to the sites that stock them. It’s certainly a luxury product. Who knows perhaps in a couple of years time they will become the norm and all homes will have them?


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