My dog deserves a holiday because…


In the last 12 months, it’s fair to say we turned Lupo’s life upside down. Bringing a baby into our home, that for three years had been his alone, meant he had to adjust and it can’t have been easy for him. He’s not always managed to resist the abundance of soft toys lying around, leaving them in a soggy heap for us when we return home. He’s been penned in to the kitchen behind a baby gate that he rests his head on forlornly when I’m keeping him away from meal times and his big nose has playfully prodded our little person on more than one occasion.

But he’s actually coped better than we could have wished for. He’s become a big brother, putting up with his ears being pulled, his fur being stroked the wrong way and sharing his place on the sofa. We can proudly call our Dobermann a family dog.

Ten reasons Lupo deserves a Canvas Holiday

1. He kept me company on maternity leave before my daughter arrived, the perfect partner to snuggle on the bed with and watch an entire series of Mad Men.

Watching Mad Men

2. He is so much fun when it’s snowing!


3. When our daughter joined us he was curious but gentle. Sniffing her ears and even hiding his nose under his blanket when the smell of nappies got too much.


4. As baby paraphinalia took over the house, he shared his space and became an imposing looking guard dog for the youngest member of the family.

IMG_29545. Lupo has always had a talent for curling into a ball to a third of his size. This is handy for keeping close no matter where we are sitting (velcro dog in full swing) In this photo our daughter wouldn’t go to sleep unless she could touch him.IMG_3499

6. When we were married in August 2013, we brought Lupo out for photos. He posed perfectly in his co-ordinating blue ribbon and didn’t drool on my dress. Good dog.


7. Due to having a young baby, we honeymoon’ed in the UK and Lupo joined us. He sat patiently as we ate outside cafe’s on the sea front, chased seagulls on the beach and walked for miles with us every day.IMG_1421

8. He actually puts up with this at Halloween. I don’t take him trick or treating because, well, would you answer your door to a Dobermann? Even in a daft hat… IMG_2133

9. I started this blog in 2012 (with this photo as the header) since then Lupo has reviewed, endured and destroyed products and gadgets from the pet industry, helped my rants and got used to a lens longer than his nose pointing at him a lot. I am never without anything to write about when Lupo is dobermann10. That unconditional love you get from a dog like Lupo. It can’t really be returned in taking him on one holiday, but it will go someway to creating even more memories for us as a family. Two adults, a Dobermann and a little lady.Lupo & I


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