The Paw Box – Subscription for Dogs

Subscription boxes are increasing in popularity, particularly this past year. I’ve had the make up version – GlossyBox and the snack one – Graze, so it’s only right our dogs get one too. Others I’ve seen haven’t impressed me as much as The Paw Box, you’ve got to be careful about the quality of products you receive and whether it’s worth the subscription fee.

I have to say, if I’d have virtually trolley dashed all my favourite online pet sites, I wouldn’t have done a better job at putting items together than The Paw Box. Toys, treats and a useful product. Let the photos of Lupo let you know how well received it all was! IMG_0895

When I see a soft toy for Lupo, dread sets over me. I’ll usually be picking fluff up for weeks and going insane from the annoying squeak during Eastenders. But this one has neither problem! It emits a noise only dogs can hear (you can tell as they will cock their head to the side) and it’s flat with no stuffing, but still soft enough to chew. Lupo absolutely loves this, he grabbed it and ran straight to the garden to throw it around. I like to think in a ‘You’re next’ manner in front of the neighbourhood squirrels.

IMG_0890IMG_0941Dog treats are getting more and more human looking, aren’t they? These duck swirls and chicken popcorn are no exception. I’ll be adding them to the mix for walks when Lupo needs bribing…I mean, rewarding.IMG_0891IMG_0893We’ve tried a travel bowl in the past, one of those non spill ones, and I thought it was a bit pointless. This one however, after testing it today on a picnic trip to the park on a hot day, is just perfect. It folds flat and fits in the bottom of our pram or bag, then pops out when you want to fill it. It’s a great size for his big nose too. Top marks again The Paw Box.IMG_0892photoI’ve yet to see how long this lasts in the jaws of destruction, but I’ve high hopes. It’s made from rice husk, so no nasty chemical rubber here. It says it’s bouncy on the packet, but drops flat like a cannon ball, so not sure if we have a duff one! Either way, Lupo prefers to chew things like this so we’ll see how he gets on over the next few weeks.IMG_0894IMG_0955The Paw Box starts from £15.99 a month, with free delivery and you can cancel at any time. So if the above has tempted you in to trying a box for your dog, order your July version here: IMG_0896

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