Barker & Barker Natural Dog Treats

Since the 1970’s, Barker & Barker have been creating a healthy alternative of dog training treats, tasty toppers and supplements. All of the ingredients are human grade and contain no artifical additives, preservatives, colourings and are totally GM free. They also never use cereals or grains like rice and oats, which are all carbohydrate rich.

Lupo has been trying a selection of the training treats, which come in all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours. Blueberry and liver anyone? (he loves it). The treats themselves are small, but once Lupo knew what they tasted like, he couldn’t get enough. The company say their treats pack more nutritional goodness, gram for gram, than any other treat on the market. Impressive stuff.

Because the treats are so small, it means you won’t have to adjust your dogs diet around them. I checked on the back to see how many he could have in one day and it’s between 50-70, so no worries there!

The Tasty Topper to add to meals, is a great product as I often think dogs must get very bored with the same food each day. I know you should be careful about giving leftovers, but we always try and give Lupo something extra each day. His short coat means we can monitor his weight easily so watch out if you have a long haired breed that hides it well!photo

I packed a tub or two of these treats for our walk this weekend, and have to say I much prefer to have these to hand compared to a bag of crumbly biscuits (that I inevitably end up putting through the wash, arghhh)  Lupo likes the taste, whilst they work no miracles on the training front – my fault of course, they are great for a quick reward or distraction.

Barker & Barker treats start from just £3.25 for a pot of 120 treats. Check out the full range on their website



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