One Sided Relationship


It’s been 15 months since our daughter was born, and Lupo was no longer our only baby. Now she can walk it means big changes for him and their relationship has taken a one-sided turn. She finds him hilarious, smiling and laughing at him every morning, or even if he just comes in the room as his nails click clack on the wooden floor.

I’ve been waiting to hear her say his name but I think as one of the words we use most, she probably feels she doesn’t need to. However, if Lupo barks she will join in with her version of an enthusiastic woof, that sounds like “Ooooff Ooooff”. Lupo also loves a good game of catching bubbles – shared interests!

IMG_1009She has tested his patience a few times (I am always right next to them both, prepared for any reaction – I’d do this with any dog, no matter what the breed) Lupo doesn’t take kindly to being repeated poked in the nose – who does?! Quite often he will retreat to his basket or outside. So it’s fair to say the baby loves him more than he loves her. Well, I thought that until today…

I didn’t capture a photo, but the cutest moment yet happened this afternoon. The baby was having a tantrum, a regular occurrence at the moment and one I felt particularly sorry for Lupo as it was really high-pitched screeching. His poor ears. As she sat cross-legged on the rug, bottom lip protruding and tears rolling down her cheeks. Lupo, also on the same rug, sidled up to her, licked her tear filled cheeks and placed his head on her knee, as if to comfort her. My heart just about burst at this point as I fumbled to try to take a photo. But before I could, the baby giggled her head off at Lupo touching her and he leapt up, shocked at the different loud noise coming out of her.

I feel like he’s still a lot to learn about babies, but as a parent so have I. We’ll figure it out, all of us together.


2 thoughts on “One Sided Relationship

  1. Great tip about monitoring any dog close to a baby or small child! So important to watch the dog for body language that says “I’m getting annoyed” and really step in to distract the child and let the dog have a break.


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