The Itchy and Scratchy Show

A few months ago I shared with you details of a competition FRONTLINE Spot On are running on their Facebook page, to find the UK’s most dedicated pet owner.


This is a reminder that entries close on the 10th September, so head on over to their page and get your entry in

It is quite timely that just this week was the first time Lupo caught fleas, and I found myself Googling how to get rid of them on a sunday night when all the shops are closed and I hadn’t thought ahead and bought FRONTLINE (I have now!).

It all starts with one person saying, ‘the dog seems to be scratching a lot’, watching said dog and repeating phrase until you think you’d better check it out in the manner of a chimpanzee helping out a friend in need.Thankfully Lupo’s short coat means fleas are easily spotted. I don’t know what you long haired dog owners do apart from reach for the clippers. I only saw two fleas on Lupo, which he must have picked up on a weekend walk in the woods, as it wasn’t an infestation or anything.

After some internet based top tip searching, I picked both fleas from his coat with my thumb and forefinger and filled a bowl with water. Now this is the clever bit (I’m actually getting geeky over fleas, I know) If you put a flea in water it will simply float to the edge and jump out – yep, they are good at that. So you need to give the bowl a good helping of washing up liquid or other soap based product, swill it around and then dunk the flea to it’s death. The soap means they don’t float and drown a slow and possibly painful death. but don’t let that put you off hey.

If you’ve got a bit more than two of the little beggars setting up camp on your furry friend, there are loads of ways you can coax them away from their host over night. My favourites were the soapy bowl as detailed above, left in front of a TV in a dark room over night. Apparently they are attracted to light and heat and will navigate towards the TV and fall to their death in your soap water. The same premise works with lighting a candle, but obviously don’t leave this over night, unattended.

These tips are to fill in the time before you can get to the shops and buy FRONTLINE of course and then if you keep the treatment up, you shouldn’t need to be mixing soapy water at all hours of the night like I did. Learn from my mistakes people!

Good luck if you’re entering the competition, can’t wait to find out who’s won!

One thought on “The Itchy and Scratchy Show

  1. I didn’t know they went for heat and light! Not something I’ve had to deal with yet luckily – I remember a cat I had coming to me riddled with fleas as a kitten. I used to comb them out and watch them drown in a tall glass of water with just an inch of water at the bottom 🙂

    Frontline have another product that I got from the vets for the first time yesterday called Nexgard. It’s an orally taken flea and tick preventative (a beefy little chew) to replace the spot on treatments, great if you have a water loving hound! Plus I have never been that comfortable putting chemicals that apparently have the ability to strip leather on Lottie’s skin!


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