Velcro Dog’s September Favourites


Christmas came early for Velcro Dog this month and this post shares our favourite treats and toys to give you some inspiration for shopping for your pooch.

Lupo’s new best friend is a soft toy duck, that came in the first ever Pawsome Box (£19.90 a month), a subscription treat service for dogs. This duck doesn’t have any stuffing and has lasted a good few weeks without me having to throw it out in disgust!

pawsome box

The rest of the box contained some banana treats which didn’t excite him as much as I thought they would, as he loves real banana. The raw hide bone was gone in an instant (and is only a rare treat as they aren’t vey good for their insides). There was a dog whistle, ear drops and a yellow plastic bone. Whilst this bone doesn’t have the appeal of a Nyla bone with him, it’s good to have to bring out on rotation – anyone else rotate toys for their dogs or just me? Also a good tip for kids!


We’ve also been trying a new product from the Beco Ball family. The solid ball we have from them, made from rice husk, is still going strong and surviving being left in the garden most days. This new ball is hollow so you can place treats inside for the dog to move around to free them. A similar concept to the Kong, and Lupo enjoys food based games! My only concern is this Beco Ball is a little small for him. If we need a King size Kong, I’m afraid most other things must also be giant size.




Those are our favourites from this month, have you found any new products you think we should check out?

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