RSPCA shakes up Christmas

If you thought 2012’s ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog’ was a tear-jerker, the RSPCA’s brand new video ‘The Snowglobe’  will leave you in more of a puddle than a snowman.

Sadly, the run-up to Christmas is not always a joyful one for animals and the video highlights the fact the festive period means a sharp rise in calls to the RSPCA’s animal cruelty hotline.

Last year saw the highest number of calls ever to the RSPCA over the festive period, with 11,089 calls between Christmas Eve and New Years Day- with 1,140 of those on Christmas Day alone.

“The film may be a hard watch for some, but it’s cleverly designed to awaken people to the scale of the issue,” said Emily Munford, RSPCA head of digital media.

“This is something that isn’t going away, but with the help of this video and the support of the public, we believe we can make a real difference,” she added.

The film is part of the RSPCA’s winter campaign. In December alone, the RSPCA are expecting over 70,000 calls to their cruelty hotline, with as many as 23,000 animals in serious need of help.

To support the RSPCA’s winter campaign text RESCUE to 84010 to donate £3*

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