Animal Friends donate £5000 to the Dogs Trust

Animal Friends Insurance continues their support for the Love Rehoming campaign alongside Presenter Eamonn Holmes, by donating £5000 to the Dogs Trust in Harefield. Founder and Managing Director of Animal Friends Insurance, Elaine Fairfax presented the cheque to the Dogs Trust yesterday morning.

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Elaine commented “I am very proud to support the Love Rehoming campaign and Dogs Trust and to continue supporting animal welfare. I truly believe that animal lives are precious, and that it is the duty of pet owners to do what they can, not just for their own pets, but for animals in need all over the world, which is why I support the efforts of animal rescue centres and the Love Rehoming campaign.”

The Love Rehoming campaign was launched with an aim to raise awareness about abandoned animals and change the negative stigma around animal rehoming. The campaign recently carried out a survey to look at the attitudes and behaviour of pet owners towards rehomed animals in order provide an insight to how rehoming figures can be improved.

Eamonn Holmes was thrilled to be there to support the Dogs Trust and the Love Rehoming campaign “Maggie our dog who I rehomed from the Dogs Trust has completely changed my life. I’m passionate about the importance of rehoming pets as a result; that’s why campaigns like Love Rehoming are so vital and important. I just can’t get over the love that Maggie gives to Ruth and I, I would like to urge everyone that they should get a dog from a rehoming centre like the Dogs Trust.”

The Dogs trust rehomed 14,895 dogs last year and have 1,535 currently in their care. Dogs Trust Harefield is one of 20 rehoming centres located around the UK that cares for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

14 week old collie puppies Mel and Sue from the Dogs Trust Harefield

Richard Moore, Dogs Trust Harefield Rehoming Centre Manager says “We were delighted to welcome Elaine and Eamonn to Dogs Trust Harefield today and are incredibly grateful for the generous donation. The money will be put to good use caring for the 150 dogs currently at the rehoming centre looking for their new forever home.”

Animal Friends Insurance is the main supporter of the Love Rehoming Campaign and provided statistical data for the Love Rehoming report.

About Love Rehoming

Love Rehoming (@loverehoming) is an independent grassroots campaign set up to provide a platform for animal shelters and their supporters to tell their stories and show the value of pet rehoming. The campaign runs throughout January 2015 with guest blogs from shelter staff, real-life rehoming stories and articles about the importance of pet adoption.


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