Taking Care of Your Puppy

Pups are furry four legged pals that need proper care from the time they are born all the way into their elderly years. Not taking care of your puppy properly could lead to behavioral issues as well as health issues. To help make sure you are taking care of your puppy properly, the ten tips in the guide below should help.

Aprox 1/10 of his full grown size here

(Photo: Lupo at 7 weeks old)

#1 Regular Vet Visits

From the time a pup is born until the end of its life, it needs to have regular vet visits. Vet visits will provide insight on just how well a pup is doing physically and mentally. It can also help determine any health issues needing proper care and treatment. Bringing stool samples to the vet during each visit for testing to make sure worms and other potential parasites are not invading the dog’s digestive system causing issues.  A veterinarian, to help keep the dog as healthy as possible, will also administer proper vaccines.

#2 Vaccinations 

Vaccinations are important to all pup’s health because they help keep their immune systems healthy. Some of the most important vaccines a dog should receive each year are canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies. These vaccines are necessary from the age of eight weeks and up.

#3 Deworming 

Anytime worms are a possibility in a dog, it is important to visit the vet for proper deworming treatment. Failure to due so will put the dog’s health at risk and causes severe digestive issues.

#4 Diet & Nutrition 

Finding dogs a proper diet that consist of dry and wet food are essential for keeping dogs healthy and strong. However, it is wise to portion a pup’s food out properly as directed by a veterinarian to ensure the pup does not become overweight or develop diabetes. It is also wise to stick to feeding dogs organic pet food brands that ensure they are receiving the necessary nutrients and protein to stay energized and active for a healthier lifestyle.

#5 Socialization & Engagement 

To help a pup with socialization with other humans and other animals it is wise to take it to doggie training school for lessons on how to behave and engage with other beings properly. Playing with the pup often and providing lots of love and care helps develop the pup’s skills and a proper temperament.

#6 Bathroom Training 

As soon as a puppy is brought home, bathroom training is necessary. It must learn where to go to the bathroom and where not to go. Laying newspaper down around the house can teach the pup proper places to find relief, but taking the pup outside as soon as the pup lifts a leg or squats is the best option so it does not become confused on where too properly go.

#7 Grooming & Bathing 

Grooming and bathing are essential for keeping fur coats and skin looking healthy and vibrant. This should also include regular tick and flea treatments, nail trimmings and haircuts monthly done by the owner or a trained groomer.

#8 Lots of Exercise 

All dogs need to be walked and played with outdoors for proper exercise daily. There is no excuse not to be doing this regularly. It’s important to the dog’s overall health.

#9 Plenty of Rest 

Developing a regular sleeping schedule with the pet will ensure it gets the proper amount of rest necessary to stay healthy and strong.

#10 Lots of Tender Love and Care

Most importantly, all four legged friends need tender love and care often to live long happy lives. For more helpful information on taking care of your puppy properly visit Browns Dog Food.

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