Do’s & Don’ts of a Dog Friendly Holiday: Ox Pasture Hall

When offered the chance to stay in a pet friendly hotel I didn’t hesitate. It was only afterwards I realised we hadn’t shared a room with Lupo since he was a puppy. Did you know dogs have much shorter sleep cycles than we do? They don’t go into as deep as sleep either. When we had a new born baby I could hear Lupo getting up in the middle of the night, rearranging the sofa cushions and lying back down, quite often. He came on our honeymoon with us, to a log cabin in Wales, but stayed in the living room, so this trip would be a first for all of us.

Here’s what we packed for Lupo:
  • Two large towels – I use old beach towels, one to put underneath his food and water bowl, the other for drying wet paws
  • Blankets – for sleeping on or sucking (a Dobermann habit)
  • Foldable water bowl – I took this one, as it’s handy for in the car as well as the room
  • Lead and Halti – If your dog has a tag with just your home landline on, make sure you take one with your mobile number, in case he goes missing
  • Enough food for the night, bowl and fork – no need to lug the whole bag, measure it out before you go
  • Treats – to keep them close by on your walks in strange places
  • GoPro Camera and dog harness
Nervousness of the lack of sleep even without a toddler in tow, aside, we set off to Ox Pasture Hall, near Scarborough in North Yorkshire, on a chilly February weekend. The hotel looked lovely, nestled in the valley and on the edge of the national park.
ox pasture hall, velcrodog
Do let your dog relive himself before entering a boutique hotel, after a 2.5 hour car journey. You do not want that kind of accident to be your first impression.
ox pasture hall, velcrodog
Don’t forget to give you dog time to explore his surroundings. Lupo is not the most chilled out dog, his guarding nature makes him on edge until he gets a feel for the place. So once we were shown to our room by Lynsey on reception, Lupo made his way around every inch. The suite we were staying in had a large open plan living area and bedroom, and a separate bathroom.
ox pasture hall, velcrodog
Do still appreciate the view, it’s not all about the dog you know.
Do leave the comfort of the hotel grounds and explore. Once settle, we headed off down the road to walk in the woods as the sun was setting. Lupo captured his journey on a GoPro camera, the video of which I’ll be sharing soon.
IMG_0560 IMG_0527
Don’t leave it so late that the moon is nearly out by the time you get back. But, the hotel looked very picturesque. You’ll also like to know that the hotel offer the use of an outside hose if you want to wash any muddy paws before heading back to your room.
Do try and get a better photo of the sunset than this, I challenge you! This was the same view from our bedroom window. Gorgeous.
Don’t forget to take some me-time. Whilst the boys watched TV/ snuggled with their blanket (you decide who’s who!), I enjoyed this HUGE bath with waterfall tap. There is also very little phone signal or wifi, so I lay in silence for the first time since I can’t even remember. Bliss.
Do make sure you dog feels right at home, with those chin scratches he enjoys.
Do make full use of the pet friendly policy by heading to the lounge before dinner. We browsed the menu over a glass of wine and Lupo enjoyed staring at us. Not creepy at all.
IMG_1832Ahh, he loves me.
Don’t miss out on amazing food just because you have a dog, thats what I loved about this place. I feared there was going to be a separate menu for the Bistro restaurant we were in, but turns out we got the same choice as everyone else. I don’t know what I expected from a pet friendly hotel, but it certainly wasn’t the high standard of food we got served. The service was great too, one particular waiter gave Lupo lots of fuss.
IMG_1838 IMG_1842
Do remember a Dobermann is the perfect height for the table. Keep wine glasses and food out of reach.
But do let him have a taste of the high life. Mushroom soup, tasty.

So you’ll be wondering if I got a restful nights sleep after all? Well I was full of cold so that didn’t help, but the bed was really comfy. It’s rare I say that as we have a memory foam bed at home that is pretty hard to beat in even 5 star hotels, but Ox Pasture Hall came pretty close. Lupo moved around a bit in the night, but maybe it’s because I kept waking too. He’s lucky I won’t blame him this time.

The next morning, we headed back to the restaurant for a full English breakfast. Top notch again on the food front. It was nice to eat a hotel breakfast without a hangover for once, our other stays always seem to be for weddings or nights out! Lupo got some sausage and bacon I reluctantly gave up.

Even the tomato was declaring it’s love.
I think his face says it all. All too soon it was time to pack up and head home.
IMG_0563Thank you to the team at Ox Pasture hotel for a wonderful stay. I’d highly recommend a stay if you can’t bear to leave your pooch at home. Read more about them on their website here:
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