Doberman vs. Strong Stuff ‘Tough Guy’ Toy

I asked Felix and Fido to send me the strongest toy they had and they rose to the challenge with admirable optimism.

I’m still yet to find a toy that survives Lupo the picker, apart from a Kong so when we received the promising looking Strong Stuff Tough Guy toy, ‘tested by British Bulldogs’, I wanted it to survive, I really did. But a Bulldogs jaws aren’t a patch on a Dobermann. If toy companies truly want to test their indestructible toys, might I suggest re-thinking the breed of your focus group.

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So we put the Strong Stuff Tough Guy in the ring with a 45 pound Dobermann. Here’s how he got on.

Rest in Peace Tough Guy. Not since the wedding scene in Game of Thrones has anyone met their fate so quickly and gruesomely. You lasted approximately 2 minutes before your innards were strewn across the floor in a Taratino style massacre. Lupo spent the rest of the evening picking apart the rope handle, seeking out the squeaker (beneath ‘two layers of protection’, no less) and throwing it across the room, mocking his opponent. The stuffing became handy to rest his tired head, at least.

If you want a toy that will last for your Bulldog, or any other dog apart from a Dobermann, click here to visit Felix and Fidos fab shop. Doberman owners may have to join me on the continuous search for toys that last longer than an episode of Eastenders.


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One thought on “Doberman vs. Strong Stuff ‘Tough Guy’ Toy

  1. I completely agree with you on breed focus for toys “indestructibility”. Chews on Belay a company out of Colorado in the USA has some great products that have proven truly tough for us.


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