PETA joins forces with world’s first challenge-based app, FightMe, to launch online anti-fur protest

Following its hugely successful ‘Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ campaign showing millions the cruel truth behind fur, PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organisation is today partnering with FightMe to launch its latest initiative on the war against fur.

  • Well known for its bold campaigns, the charity has enlisted the help of the world’s first challenge-based app, FightMe, to launch a thought-provoking video challenge calling for people to make a stand and spread its anti-fur message.
  • The first-of-its-kind online video protest will be kick-started by hard-core vegan and well known free-runner, Tim Shieff, who is seen plunging himself into a freezing cold reservoir, demonstrating the lengths he’s willing to go to for animal rights.
  • Participants will then be tasked with uploading a video of themselves showing what they’d rather wear, or do, than adorn fur.
  • The app’s social integration with Facebook and Twitter also means that anyone anywhere can join the challenge and nominate others into the protest directly.

FightMe encourages creative and passionate individuals to start a movement and join a cause, and the PETA partnership is the perfect platform to demonstrate its functionality.  Through a quick and simple smartphone app, FightMe makes capturing and sharing video fast, easy and relevant. Users have thirty seconds to create a video about whatever they want and can either start their own video challenge or join in one that is already live, like PETA’s latest anti-fur protest.  Through FightMe’s unique nomination feature, users are also prompted to take their challenge to the wider network of friends and followers through social profiles, SMS, Whatsapp or within FightMe directly.

Elisa Allen, Manager of Special Projects at PETA UK commented:

“Every fur coat and every bit of fur trim is the result of tremendous animal suffering – and takes away a life. Our goal is always to get this issue out there so that it can be considered and discussed, which will hopefully inspire change, and we’re excited to use FightMe to do just that.”

Jamie Lorenz, Founder of FightMe commented:

 “Millions of animals die every year as a result of the fur trade so working with PETA to create an impactful campaign that is a starting piston for a global movement that will change attitudes was a dream come true. Built on harnessing social power, FightMe focuses on ‘real’ social interaction online by creating a friendly environment for people to ‘join -in’, giving purpose and context to each and every video. Strength comes in numbers and the support of others participating in a challenge gives freedom of expression away from judgment.”

Tim Shieff, animal rights supporter commented:

 “For me, it’s not just about educating and informing people about animal cruelty, it’s about empowering them to join the fight against real fur and the maltreatment of animals. I’m working with PETA and FightMe to help kick-start a global protest that not only aims to change the way people view animal cruelty, but their behaviour too. Hopefully this campaign will mean the difference between life and death for countless animals.”

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